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Good start to first session

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Hi guys as i said i would keep you posted, had my first 48hr session over the week end. went with a fox aligner zig 7ft put me about 1 ft under the surface around rod and half length out, and bousoule rig in line. the zig was most the busiest of the 2 rods with first fish a 9.12lb mirror shortly followed with my new pb 17.5lb mirror not long followed a 13lb common with another common  2lb also fell to the zig.

on the bottom i was fishing a peaches n cream 15ml bollie balanced with a avid corn stop which produced nothing at this point after debating on a bait change i found an old tub of gluggers from novation so poped one them on with corn stop which shorlty produced a 16lb common. was great start to the sess on fri. then all went quiet until 4am sun morn where a 8lb mirror fell to a peaches n cream bollie. now itching to get to catch 22 in may. ty for all who helped me with any questions i posted to lead up of the session. tight lines guys :P


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Well done pal,

How was you feeding your zig line?

 wind had been in my favor fish where showing about rod length half out. couple guys to my left few pegs up where throwinging floaters which was coming my way so i saved my bait just fished a fox zig aligner about foot of surface@7ft  was first time using the foe edges zigs certainly given me confidence in them i did dip them in some hemp juise from the hemp frenzy range. but tbh think that made little difference as i was fortunate the fish where there was just finding the depth.

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