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British Carp Angling Championship

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Good luck and all that, is Bishops bowl a big water? I'll have to call in one day.

These BCAC events are worth a look around if one is local, you can get to know all a waters best bits with just a quick visit.

They'll be fishing Greenhill lake, 24 acres

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Thank you all. Having the biggest fish in the lake out last weekend has given me a bit of confidence but saying that has probably given it the kiss of death!!! Lol

I'm sure there are many of us gonna tap you up for a bit of info on that one, once the BCAC round is finished of course.

I thought it would be held on mitre pool, that is meant to be the Carp water? At Bishops Bowl.

It's not as big as most of the other BCAC venues.

Can you chose which venue you fish as a qualifier, you could win the Pine pool round with one or two fish, on a good/bad day.

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Wait till the semis at Barston, you need a good personal fitness level to win there, if you get on the right fish it is non stop for the whole weekend
I was told they have a winning pair for each section, so every section produces a winning team, a bit controversial, but a team of anglers sponsored by who ever can take up an entire section there for guaranteeing that sponsor a place in the next round
Who are the Carp.com lads fishing for? I hope its themselves.

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Here's a link for the carp fishing at Barston, it has a bit about the BCAC on the page, Barston has a reputation of being a pastie water, well it is and then some, lol. But it is also a real hard big fish water, don't believe me? Cheek some of the stock and when they last came out, if you want harder than that there is always Coombe Abbey on the other side of Coventry.

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