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Only here for a dawn to dusk session today, but my view on this chilly day is better than sitting indoors.

08.00 this morning. Bit frosty, but this view... 

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14 minutes ago, spr1985 said:

I don't think so, about 20 to 30 baits over two rods out at the same distance a couple of rod lengths apart and five crushed boilies a handful of pellet and a couple of spoonfuls of hemp and corn over a margin spot.......thoughts? 

Never fished the lake mate as you know ,so it's difficult to give any decent advice ..... but I did look at a few catch reports & read a few bits on my fb feed when you & Neil were struggling on there . I think you need to up the baiting mate keep a little bit  going in , there be on the feed come morning & there's plenty in there. 


Me I wouldn't mess about minimum of a kilo on each rod probably more tbh.

Get out the bag & get baiting :D

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I had one, yeah! 

To be fair, I've not had a bad winter, catching consistently and all following a similar pattern. Bait up with a few spods, have a fish or two early (sometimes even before I've got the second rod out). Not many other fish out over the winter, even though people have been fishing it. Maybe it's the boilie I use???? Lol

the last session I had was my first fish of the season on a zig.  The bites slowed up on the bait and a switch to the zigs scored. It's as good be been trying to get across over the last few threads - if your a one trick pony, your results will suffer. Time and place and all that! 

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4 minutes ago, carpmachine said:

I dont have your knowledge with these zigs Nige, which is why i pushed you to put your methods forward on the subject, my mind is open, though i dont understand why you would fish over a bed of bottom baits, surely this will focus the fish on a different area, just puzzled, not critical, enlighten mate, we ae never to old to learn, this would be a no no for me, seems to defeat the object, i know lakes where fish cannot be caught apart from floaters, why go both ways.

I was fishing a pop up over the bed of bait for the whole of winter as it was producing. As soon as the results slowed, I've switched to zigs, fishing them where I have observed fish moving through. 

I have still had one rod over a baited spot (losing one the other day off it). 

looks like you just miss read my previous post. 


I have also known lakes where people say that they can't be caught on floaters, beds of boilie, pop ups, zigs etc etc. Nothing like proving them wrong! 

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1 minute ago, carpmachine said:

Its an avenue worth exploring, not the day for it round here, but i would have held the dependence on those bottom baits, the zigs seem to work better in sunlight, we aint got any around here this morning, overnight 6 degrees, i would look for a bite around lunchtime onwards, but what do i know, good luck buddy.

How do you explain catching on zigs throughout the night then steve? The fish don't just sit on the bottom when the sun hides behind a cloud!!! 

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7 hours ago, crusian said:

Off fishing myself in a moment .

Tight lines Spr ! .

I don't think CM is condecending  , he strikes me as a straight up and down guy .

It's a shame CM and Chill bicker they've both been very helpful to me .

Peace out guys ! .


good luck to those on the bank atm, brum is feeling chilly although i don't think the blood thinning pills help or i could be getting old :mrgreen: as regards arguments you'll always get them on forums and they don't tend to go too far on here anyway :D

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