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Only here for a dawn to dusk session today, but my view on this chilly day is better than sitting indoors.

08.00 this morning. Bit frosty, but this view... 

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Right click the image on the dropbox page and click "copy image location"

On the bottom right of the reply box (the one you fill in to post a reply), there is an "insert other media" button, click on that, then click on insert from URL - then paste the url into the box click on "insert into post"


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What browser are you using?

Can you take a screenshot when you get the red border?

On a laptop you press FN + the END key (underneath it has PRTSC) on a standard keyboard there should be a print screen button - with a bit of luck, your system will let you save it, if not ... (not sure what operating system you are using)  but there should be a basic paint program where you can paste the image, then save it to your PC and upload on here using the other way.




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I'm on firefox  on Win 10.... okay just tried to upload the file directly from the PC &  noticed the file I was trying to upload was 8.21 mb, so that explains why It won't upload from the pc as there is an 8mb limit on uploads... that said  would this stop the Carp.com site stopping the link to the dropbox file...?

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Yes you're right about the limit, the drop box image as far as I can tell it is about 344 K which shouldn't be a problem, and there might be restrictions in-between when sending large files, I think drop box will reduce image size and quality automatically as I think carp.com does as well.

You should scale the image rather than crop it, there are tools online that can do this, or you can install some software - online is probably easiest but I do it on my own machine.

One last thing to try (out of curiosity), go to your drop box image and right click - save image as, then try uploading that from your pc (or save it from this thread!).

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