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View from your bivvy door.

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6 minutes ago, dayvid said:

Yes , only the best 😋

Best of luck ….maybe you could try spreading the mustard over a hook bait …I said that as a joke but back in the day I used to dip my hook bait in Marmite for Barbel…you never know tho 🤔

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9 hours ago, Highy said:

I'm on a quick overnighter tonight, be at lake for 8 30, need be home for about 11am

Wish this GK training would hurry up (8pm finish) booked on from 8.20pm..itching now. 

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2 hours ago, Highy said:

Your Wychwood DPF line? How did you spool yours, what was the best way for it? Mine has arrived today. 

I just put it in a bucket of water and wind it on so as the spool of line spins in the water and not loops off as if it was flat 

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2 hours ago, dayvid said:

This was from the weekend of Hellish 30' heat , fortunately myself and my mate were under the trees ,so it was quite bearable , this time of year when it is so hot in the sun ,my watercraft starts with ,where is the coolest place on the lake going to be 😊


Looks like a good lot of air gets through there... 

Had the new AXS Bivvy out at weekend, decent enough... 


Front n back vents, was a warm en... 

Out again this weekend at the local park lake (home of my CARP PB) 


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