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Who's out in this weather ?

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I never got to the lake car park today till 5pm because the traffic has been horrendous all day, as soon as I locked my car boot and started to barrow up to the lake it started to rain heavy and there was no going back, I got absolutely drenched setting up and as I cast out my 3rd rod and go to set the alarm up, it decides not to work at all, brand new set of 3 FOX NTX-R 2 weeks ago and 1 packs in all together, it couldn't get any worse today. Who else is on the bank in this weather and also what shall I do about the alarm, take it back to the tackle shop or get in touch with fox ?

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I was out this morning, arrived at the lake 5.20am. It was persisting it down and blowing a right gale. I cast out to a showing fish at about 6am, and was oozing with confidence.

Wound in at 2.30pm with conditions absolutely perfect and went home fishless. But I learnt a few things so all was not lost.

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I was thinking about doing friday after work myself but I checked the forecast and it looked crap.

Keep an eye on the various weather websites. The ones with hourly breakdowns are best.






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