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NEW PB ! It really was Victory Day !

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It was Monday 19th May Victoria Day here in Canada and my alarm went off at Stupid 0 Clock ( 4 : 30 Am ) i stirred but didn't want to wake" oh sod it do i really want to be getting up out of bed it's so warm and comfy" , but the weather forecast kept going on through my head
it's going to be perfect ....
So get your ass out of bed , and so this argument went on in side my crazy head for the next half hour , and so finally at 5 am , i get up have a good old pee and then down stairs put the kettle on, let the Dog out so he to could pee. Drink my Nice Hot sweet tea and then set off to my Fav early morning fishing spot.
Oh and what a wonderful morning it was to , there was no wind and not a sound apart from the Birds and there early morning song . and the water so smooth looking just like Glass
to which oh so soon would be shattered by my 3 ounce paste Bomb of ground Koi pellet and Bird seed garlic mix.
But first just a couple of catapults of the same mix fired out to which i was hopping was going to be the magic spot, ah but little did i know what was to come in 2 hours time.
and so set i up my 13 foot Diawa Carp Rod with said Paste bomb with a Hook bait of Banana and Pineapple Boilie and a Plastic Pop up and caste to the Magic spot ..................
Half hour later and we are off with the first of 3 fish in a short hour period all the fish being upper doubles the biggest being 15 pound and so one is pretty content to be catching such nice fish in such a beautiful place and such a gorgeous morning. glad i got my ass out of bed.
Now the Sun was peeping its bright warm head up over the tree line and all is right with the world. i was Just starting to set up my 9 ft Wythwood Stalker with my fav waggler as i had spotted some nice bubbles and Carp Circles in the near Margin , when my big old Carp D was off again BUT this time IT really was tacking off on a Massive run , The Diawa reel screaming its tune . i picked up ew the bend in the Rod was something else, think might have a good en here i say to myself oh But then boof oh oh all went a bit stiff and solid , Snag ? Fish bottomed out Nooooo come on dont want to loose this one and so a couple Min's go by which felt like for ever nothing moved , but still the massive bend in the tip of the Rod, ah but then
wooosh the Reel is screaming off again COME ON !! were In and so 5 Min's latter the fish is at the tip of my Net eww looks a Nice fish and then lifting my prize out of the water i realize i have a fish of a life time a New P.B for shore , A Hole in One, a FA Cup Win , a Stanley Cup Victory 
Oh the Adrenalin rush , as i take him to the unhooking mat i feel my self shaking oh man its a beast of a fish oh boy wow that's what were talking about, man what a brilliant feeling ,

And so i quickly took some photos of my Prize and then took him back to his dark watery Home telling him thank you for making my day and let him slowly swim off back to his home.

Few what a Morning what a feeling .

i Love Angling ...






My New PB  37 Lbs of wild Canadian River Carp boom !!! ...









The Swim ......................



One of the first of 3 smaller fish that Morning ....






Love it !!  

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