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I have always used hemp quite sparingly in spod mixes and so on, the odd bit in marginal areas with some corn fished over the top maybe etc. Therefore I have only ever picked up some of the ready prepared stuff. However I want to start adding hemp to my spod mixes and looking to maybe use a bit more than I have in the past so thought I would take a trip to the local cow mills/pet store to see what the prices were etc.


In both of the shops the hemp seed was almost white in colour, quite dried out and light in weight. I asked and took 20 - 30 seeds from both shops to take home and put in water. Both sample have 95% of the seeds floating. Its almost like all of the oils and water content has been removed.


Is this hemp any good to use, will it take on the water and sink in time, or if I boil it up and leave it to soak etc?


Is the oil content still going to be present or has it been dried out of it etc?


The last thing I want to do is go buy a 20kg sack of hemp and find that its of no use.

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The oil will still be inside the seed. Crush / grind the seeds and you will see.


Once you soak it and then boil it, it will change colour, split (Hopefully) and will still contain the oils.


If the seed is old, it is harder to split. Get half a kilo, soak them for 24 hours and then boil them up for 30 minutes or so. If a high percentage of the seeds split, they are fresh seeds.


 To be honest, even older seeds work perfectly well, but it is better to get fresh seeds if they are available; because believe me, 20kg's will last you a while!

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I cook my own hemp, I buy it from a old school tackle shop, they are not on line, now that's old style. The stuff they get is French hemp, it also is quite light in colour and floats until you cook it, put it in a bucket of cold water for 3-4 days before cooking, it will sink and turn dark, leave it for long enough in cold water and it will swell up and split, you want to cook it about a day before the cold water splits it, some seeds will be split after 3 days.
If you are in a hurry, pour boiling water over it and put a lid on it, let it stand for a day and cook it the next day.

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I personally would not buy hemp from a tackle shop. As far as you know ,it could have been sat there for years. There does seem to be a lot of difference in quality available, and to me, its worth paying a little extra for quality. I always buy directly from haith's, 

Haith's can be expensive, but probably some of the best quality hemp available :wink:


A number of (local) animal feed dealers also sell hemp. I am not sure but I do believe that, many of the bags are now date stamped, due to hemp being used as a bird/animal food, and the date stamp shows when the vitamins and minerals start to denature.


Must admit I don't boil hemp after soaking for much more than when the seeds start to split, always managed to find that is around 15minutes max

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I soak mine for 24hrs, in lake water if I can get some, with around 1/2lb of chilli flakes per 5lb of dry hemp. Then boil till around 50% have split, then I turn the Burco off and let it stand overnight and the rest then splits and takes on the water. Works for me. I also add whole maize and kibbled maize to the mix for a bit of a change.

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