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Second 30 of the year ! Boom ..

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 The Evening of Sunday 8 th June thought i would go off Spend a couple hours at my Fav ole fishing spot

 not really expecting to catch, it was more of a case of baiting up the swim for the next Stupid 0 clock Morning 

but thought i would put a line out for hour or two anyway.


it was a bright a lovley evening i love fishing of this little Canoe dock ( why i normally only fish there stupid 0clock in the morning) 

so was it unusual  for me try and fish it in the evening ( though often pre bait there in evenings)  because it can get busy with canoe's

well it is a canoe dock haha.


When i arrived i was expecting maybe  some of the Canoes to be maybe arriving back after a day out the water as it was already 7 pm

but the Car park was empty apart from two trucks , one of which i recognized as my Next door neighbours son's  he and his mates where just getting there canoe ready to go out on the water

so all was good wasn't going to get to disrupted by canoe's .



So i got my bait box and sling shot all set up ready for a spot off baiting , and i cast a heavy bolt rigged  feeder of ground dog biscuit, birdseed and cream corn mix , with a hook bait of plastic pop up corn and 4 gulp power maggots , and started shooting out some baits to my fav spot ready for stupid 0 clock the next morning .


My line only been in the water a min or so i had a run , turned out to be a nice 10 pound  channel cat put him back  . and then  i cast out again to the same spot as before

and carry on my baiting, and hour or so went by and the Lads with the canoe arrived back so i reeled in and moved out there way so they could all get out and pull there canoe up.


Once they had done there thing and all was peaceful again i cast out once more, saying to myself final cast ill pack up go home in another half hour, come back stupid 0 clock in the Morning.

when BOOM !! another Run and boy was it taking off , the bend in the rod was telling me i had a nice fish on here, the water where i am fishing has now got heavy with weed so i was having to pull the fish

though this which i thought was making the fish seem heaver than it was maybe 


When i saw the fish for the first time and saw it back , ahh cool another 20 + maybe mustn't loose this one  mustn't loose it , come on in the Net my lovley !!


And  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Boom 34 and half pounds of Wild River Canadian Carp Get In !!








The Rig ...




The Swim..


I Still went back at Stupid 0 clock the next Morning and netted 4 more Carp 3 nice doubles and this nice 24 ................





Boom !!! love this fishing over here i is a lucky boy ...




Boom Gurty the great Big 30 ...


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wish we had more places like that here, how much does it cost to fish?

Lovely fish and great angling sir!

Hawkwise is in Ontario so it will cost him approx $40 (£22.5) to fish an area approx 4x the size of the UK for the whole season. Canada is a big country. [emoji4]
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Got two rivers just 15 min each from my front door and of course a rather large lake in lake Erie 


all for the cost of a Fishing licence ..


Netted this little Kipper in Local river yesterday ...


Gotta be one of the most satisfying fish ive ever netted due to the conditions and the fact my arthritic joints didn't want to play ball that day and fighting a 20 pound + fish in fast flowing water with a 9 ft stalking rod and 10 pound line with arthritic fingers and wrist which just happened to be playing up pretty bad when i got there makes this a most satisfying catch ..

Will it be the last Gurt big fish of the year ?........................... Winter is Coming 





Here few more fish all from my Local River all caught with a 9ft Wycthwood Extractor some using a heavy feeder bolt rigged and some caught on the float with my fav waggler

 no alarms or even bank sticks ,no bivy or  even an umbrella . main hook bait has been plastic corn and a few Gulp Power maggots on the hair , except when float fishing when i use one plastic corn direct to the hook push up the eye with two Gulp maggots under that.  simple..









Mirror are very rare ............ caught on the float ..













The Swim ...



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