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Stanwick Lakes - Swan

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This weekend I paid a visit to Stanwick Lakes, I've fished Elsons on the complex before, blanked and realised I had a lot of development to do to be able to fish it succesfully. This time though it was a visit to Swan, the easier water on the complex as I was fishing with a friend and my brother and it was my brothers first time targeting carp. The website suggests the average size in the pool is 6-16lb, with one going over 30lb so thought it would provide some good sport for 48 hours. I arrived the evening before to get us a swim and get set up, so I could concentrate on my brother when he arrived and explaining everything.


I headed off on Thursday evening and arrived at 8PM just as England were kicking off, the whole complex was pretty empty and I had my choice of swims. In the end given that most swims are platform swims except a few and there were three of us fishing swim choice was decided by the only swims that would accommodate three people fishing and being close enough to the rods to be able to respond if a fish was hooked. So swim 21 & 22 it was.

I chose swim 22 and shared this swim with my brother, each having two rods. I ended up having 5 fish through the first night, 2 Carp and 2 Tench from the left margin near some Lily's as well as one from out in the middle.






As the day went on, the fish started cruising just below the surface, so I changed one over to a zig and managed my first ever zig caught Carp a dumpy beautiful little 8.5lb Common, before having another fall shortly after just as my brother arrived.




I let my brother fish my rods whilst I set him up and he had three more bites on the zigs, losing each one. Having only ever really caught small roach, perch he struggled but finally he did manage to land one and had his first carp on the bank.




He went on to land 4 more, the biggest being 15.5lbs - no photo as he wasn't confident holding it as the fish was quite flappy on the mat. The majority of his landed fish coming from the left hand margin. He managed a bottom caught, a zig caught and very nearly got him a surface caught carp but he wasn't quick enough to set the hook.


All in all I think I had 11 fish, with two of those being Tench, one bream and the rest carp going to 15.5lbs. My brother managed 4 again the biggest going to 15.5lbs. 


The weather was beautiful and we had a really nice time, I had spells were I wasn't fishing as managing 4 rods become a bit of a handful, especially as we often had to reel the others in to provide some room for my brother as he landed the fish and not having the confidence to really control the fish, although he soon did get better.


Some of the others caught.




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Dal yes the one near northampton. Really nice waters, Swan is their runs water. The fish were lovely, really broad and chunky, I kept over estimating when first guessing.


Only thing was it, it was busy as Mallard one of their other pools was booked out for the weekend.


Nice one mate. My old mans not been fishing for many years, I'm hoping to be able to take some time off in a few weeks and get him on a runs water (So I'll now be taking him to Swan)


He's never been to a commercial fishery and has only ever fished 'natural' waters. I think I'll be able to get his eyes popping out of his head on a commercial runs water :wink:

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I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. Few things I noticed on my trip were margins only produced at night/early morning from 10pm -9am and then nothing during the day. If fishing zigs probably go the adjustable route as the car park end we were fishing was around 12ft deep and the tree canopy meant having to cast with a smaller drop on the lead so as not to clip it. The bottom was mainly light silt with it becoming more gravelly as it shallowed up.


If you do go let us know how you get on as I'm likely to go back as have a few days holiday to use and will likely go mid week and hope it will be a bit quieter.

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Hi mate....the fish were lovely, all pretty dark as the water is really clear. Much thicker set fish for their size as well.


I'd definitely go on Elsons again, first time I went on I hadn't really had to deal with weed before and found it all a bit daunting. Whilst I came away blanking I came away understanding a number of areas in my fishing I needed to work on and have been working on those since.


As well as it being a lovely lake I'd go back to see how far I'd progressed and get a feel for the improvements I've made.


It's about an hour from Luton I think.

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I didn't do and invested in one afterwards. As well as getting my head round ways to deal with weed and have confidence things are presented well.


It was also things like fishing and baiting accurately, using the line clip and using bank sticks to measure distances.


I probably learnt more on that one session than any other despite blanking.

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Rather than start a new topic I thought I'd update this one, even though my latest visit to Stanwick was to fish Mallard.




I'd agreed to meet Reedy for a few days and to have a chat on fishing and share experiences both being relatively new to carp fishing. So we met up and had 36 hours on Mallard and a few hours on swan on our final day.


The weather wasn't particularly conducive to fishing with high temperatures.


We started with a wander round the lake and found a couple of swims with fish cruising and topping out on front of us. So we headed back to the cars, grabbed our bait buckets and reserved our swims whilst continuing our walk around the complex to see if there was anywhere better.


I had decided to guve zigs a good go on the session, whilst Jason chose to stick to what he knows and fish on the bottom.


We set up and had a good chat about what we were going to do and how we would approach it and set about getting the rods out.


On the first night Jason had a 12lb mirror coming to a pva bag rig with method balls and boilies over the top.




Jason had another couple in the night but lost one to a hook pull and one to a break.


During the day I was really trying to get the zigs to work, changing depths every so often across the two rods but couldnt buy a bite. The fish were crusing up and down in front of us all day. Determined to try to get a bite, I made up a mix and started spodding over the top twice landing directly on the zig and pulling in the rig with the spod rod. Accurate but still no fish.


Jason then had a 22lb common again coming to his same approach. A new pb and we didn't realise the size until it was on the unhooking mat.





It was soon night again and having seen Jasons success I put a pva bag on, leaving only one on a zig and cast to where I'd been spodding.


During the night Jason had another at 14lb, he couldn't wake me so I don't have a pic and finally I had a fish and finally on a zig. It was only 11.5lb the smallest of the session but a welcome one.




Morning came all too soon and after breakfast we packed up and headed to swan hoping to have a few.


The fish were up in the layers so we did a little surface fishing a new techniqie for Jason and we both had a fish and lost them both. Mine to a hook pull and Jasons got tangled im his other line and ended up going round a branch which snapped him up. It then absolutely poured down and with our shelters packed away we packes up and headed home.


I do like the venue, it's clean and the owners John and Phil are both nice guys. We've said we'll go again and have another go, hopefully next time the weather will be our friend. I'm sure with the drop in pressure and the heavy rain on the day we left the lakes may have fished better.

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