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July Catch Reports

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Problem is the fish Emmcee catches won't qualify...is there a big pic alternative?


Emmcee I have dropbox set up on my pc and phone which holds pictures online when you save pictures there they are available to both devices. Then use the tapatalk app which saves uploading and having to enter any code.

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managed this 31lb common just on dark friday, happy days :P


tried to copy and paste on iPad said it is a local file for local people :( well in anyway though
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Morning guys,went and did a night at my local pond, fished coconut boilies with stick mix,hardly any sleep due to my alarms going nuts from full on takes to major drop backs,but no fish! Not until 5.30am,I had 2 massive eels,2 tench,3 bream and 2 commons, very very odd session:), hey go,tis fishing and I caught so pleased

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Went for a quick afternoon today. Fished from 12pm till 4pm and had 4, lost 2.

Only took pics of two of them as had fish in the net and one in the sling when my rod went off again. Slipped the one out of the net straight back so as to land the one on the rod. Got that one in the net and unhooked it in the water. Cast out straight away and had another run (different rod) straight away again so let the one in the net go again! It was a mad spell of action!

£ came to zigs - along with the couple lost. The other one was caught two feet from the bank! I had seen bubbles coming up for a while and just kept flicking grains of corn at them. I tied up a quick rig with a couple of grains on. Dropped it amongst the bubbles and as soon as the rod was put on the rest, it flew off. Nice little 15lb mirror was the result. This is the one that was in the sling when the action hotted up on the zigs.

There was an RAF match on untill 11am and I think the lads I followed into the swim must have chucked their unused baut right in the edge! They had blanked for 48 hours!






just over 20lb




One of the ones I lost was a massive common. I'm pretty sure it was the big one that's in there and goes over 30lb. I lost it right at the net, probably because I was faffing about letting the one in the net go during the fight. Should have just double netted them. Oh well, theres always next weekend. 3 days on Churn pool to look forward to with a couple of good mates that I can't wait to have a catch up with.

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