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New syndicate in Derbyshire

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i'm not sure if this is the right place for this, please tell me if its wrong.


we are looking for 10 more members to join a newly formed syndicate water in derbyshire.


the lake is swarkestone gravel pits and at present we have 30 members looking to get to 40, the lake is 76 acres with 5 islands, bars, plateaus and everything else you can think of.


the syndicate has been running since march, before this it was understood there were only 40 fish in here upto high 30's, since march there have been approx 110 different fish caught ranging from 9lb to 27lb, the big ones are still to make an appearance!!! there will be a stocking program starting next year to add to the current fish.


the price is £350 a year and this is for the use of 4 rods. no rules as such just common sense.


if you like fishing with the potential not to see another angler then this place is great.


for anymore info then please comment or pm me.












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Some nice looking fish there. If you only thougjht there was 40 carp in there and there been over a hundred caught with the bigguns still not makeing an apearence which means there a few more to come out why stock more fish? Over hundred in 70 odd acres isnt a bad stock of fish. What strain are you planning to stock and how many? not to far from me so could be intrested!

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they are not planning on stocking loads of fish just adding fish to compliment the fish that are already in there! Not sure on how many are going in but i do know that it wont be many! As for the stocking they will be scaleys that they are thinking of introducing upto mid doubles.


If you would like the contact number please message me




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This WOULD interest me as im fairly local but not for £350! Why is it so expensive? A season ticket at my local water is around £45, and you can also fish for Tench, Pike, Bream, etc.

Cost i'm afraid is the downside of syndicate fishing serb .

Its the price you pay for the exclusivity and knowing that you and fellow syndicate members will look after the lake and its fish.

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Looking at it another way it's under £30 a month which will probably get you 24hrs on a crowded day ticket :) know which one I'd prefer

I make you right .

Its having £350 thats the problem for a lot of people though ...

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Heard lots of different tales about swarky in recent years but seems as if its heading in the right direction and you have a few ideas for the place. Maybe lower the price to £250 or £300 for this first year and your members should come quicker. I'm only saying this as it seems you don't yet have a clear view of whats actually in the lake and for £350 I think people would like to know. you can always put it up the following year once you can show you have some 30's in there. would be interested with some more info though, maybe a website?

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