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long rods short rods.

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Do 9 and 10 ft rods deliver more power than 12 ft rods in the same or similar test curves? Is more pressure exerted by a shorter blank than a longer blank. I am talking short to medium range fishing not long chuck stuff. My thoughts are that shorter rods ,depending on action are more powerful than there 12 ft like for like. Then again I may be wrong. Can anyone with knowledge about rods and blanks tell me ?

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ITs leverage....


A long rod can give you added leverage against a fish, however this leverage also works against you.


Shorter rods don't apply more pressure as such, they simply allow us to apply leverage without appearing to give the fish the same force (although it is the same both ways)


Imagine trying to play a fit, feisty 20lb carp on the end of a rod that was 20ft long...... it's going to make your arm ache isn't it lol, now play that same fish on an 10ft rod, you will be able to lean into said fishy and cope with the leverage that is also being applied on you, in a sense, the fish isn't using the leverage against ya.


Thinka thisa makesa sensa!

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You need to speak to smufter . He's always creaming over these "small water" rods he's got , i reckon he'll be able to help ...

:mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:


"Creaming"....I like that!!


All I've said is that I prefer the way a shorter rod handles. I much prefer fishing with an 11 footer than a 12. I can be more accurate with them, and have never had a problem controlling fish.

I do not fish "long chucks"....and I can assure you that if I was targeting fish in the near margins I'd much rather do it on a shorter rod than a 12 footer for the reasons Phil mentions above.

It's all about personal choice, and I personally find a long rod "unwieldy".

I was brought up float fishing and free lining on 9 and 10 foot leger rods. I tried longer rods but just couldn't get on with them. 

I wouldn't try general carping on a 9 foot stalking rod, but trying to find a "jack of all trades" shorter rod is difficult, not many manufacturers make them.

I have 2 Chub Outkast 11' "Small water" 2.25tc rods which are superb. I also have 3 Free Spirit 11' TS rods which are slighter "beefier" (2.75tc) for when I fish snaggier waters or where rules dictate (I recently fished a lake where the minimum test curve for rods was 2.5 so I'd have been snookered with the Chubs). The swim I was fishing in wouldn't have suited longer rods either. I didn't have masses of room to cast out due to trees and bushes behind and over me. I can guarantee a 12 footer would have got me in trouble. That missing foot enabled me to cast with total confidence that I wasn't going to take a branch with my bait!

If I were getting a set of rods custom made, and were spending an absolute fortune on them (I wish) I would still buy 11 footers.


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