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River Wye Carp Or Not?

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HI Carp community,This is my first post and hopefully not my last as i'm not a man of many words.Been fishing for well over 30 years now and not yet caught a river carp which is my number 1 thing on my bucket list.I live in Gloucester so I've fished all so called local rivers ie Severn ,Thames ,Avon but with no success.Can anyone suggest where to go as i'm willing to go further afield ,someone told me to try the river wye ,what do you think?  Tight Lines all.....


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River Nene Northamptonshire, Wellingboro stretch behind Dennington sewage works, easy water, big carp, Billing Aquadrome stretch, very big carp, Ashton footbridge area and the Cotterstock woods , lots of fish but hide and seek, best prebaiting.

I adore river fishing but all i'd catch on my local is whiting flounder & dabs ffs ....

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Welcome to Carp.com.


As has been said, many rivers hold carp, but in my limited view, finding and catching them is far harder than finding them on lakes. Rivers have so many more variables, and a massive area that the carp can hide in. 



Not all big lost fish will be barbel, there may be a carp or two among them, so I would give areas where anglers complain of massive lost fish a good go. I would also spend as much time walking and looking as I could. Not knowing the Wye, I would also likely be plumbing as many areas as I could to find potential carp holding features below the surface as well as trying obvious fallen trees, drop-offs and gravel runs.


The Wye is your oyster, I wish you luck, but be prepared for many long hours when it may seem like you are chasing your tail

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As regards the Wye ... try the town centre Hereford , the bivvies will give away where the 39lb er was caught .


Ha ha, indeed!

I was shown a pic of the fish season before last by a local guy who caught it whilst Barbel fishing. 1.75tc rods etc the usual Wye Barbel setup. Gave him a bit of a battle!


I've had Carp whilst Barbel fishing the Monmouth area too, from several spots. No big girls, but once you are used to fishing stillwaters for Carp a river double will make you wonder what the hell you have hooked...


Martin, you can't really locate Carp very well on the Wye, (Unless you have endless time and a boat) so my advice would be to fish the deeper area's of your chosen section, where the bait is going in regularly, use sensible gear, be patient and enjoy catching the barbel, the Carp will find you.

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