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get together.


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Hi guys with spring and summer approaching i thought that maybe we [those who don't mind] get together for a session on one of the lakes around Canberra.

Just an in formal little fishing get together just to land a couple of carp and have a chat about fishing and what not?

It is quite boring and at time frustrating fishing a lake with no results?

So what do you guys think../


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Hello bles,


for obvious reasons we don't discuss much on open forums about the Australian carp angling scene, we prefer to meet face to face so that we can vet the person and ascertain their intentions and motives, that has become the ultimate acid test.


There will be a few lads giving Canberra's lakes a workout this spring/summer - I won't be one of them this year as I'm concentrating my efforts elsewhere - but if you like Carp angling then these lads should not be too hard to find, so introduce yourself and we'll take it from there.





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Hi Chris..

I have been in specimen fishing for a couple of years now...practice strictly catch and release [and my son] and really just enjoy carp fishing!

It would be great if i could meet up with a couple of the lads to do a spot of fishing and not killing! :wink:

You say not hard to find.....boy! have i been looking and asking for more than a year now with no positive and or re assuring feedback..the one tackle shop here is partial to carp fishing but they aren't saying much.

Fished a couple of lakes around here but not really biggun's on the bank, and i am sure there are lakes/dams that hold bigger fish..

If anybody want's to contact me look me up on f/b and leave a message and i will get back to you..



I have never been so hungry that i had to eat carp that i catch.......

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So....i went, i  and  had to move from that spot i had in mind because the rowers/canoeists used the bay as a starting point...[censored]!

Moved then to the other side and ..........blanked!..but in saying that  that side there were fish showing in the margins...hmmm ..promising, but i 

was fishing more of the deeper water hoping to big up a big guy but that was not going to happen!

So this weekend is a long weekend and i will be back fishing again.

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