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The magic of carp fishing?

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Anyone else believe in it?

I just finished a four day session on a lake that I have fished, on and off, for the last 30 years. The usual would be, if you caught ten fish a season, you're doing well.

I fished a swim that I have fished a hundred times before, with wildly varying degrees of success, often as not resulting in no action whatsoever, but the swim that gave me my first ever 20lb carp!


Long story short, on this occasion, almost 21 years to the day that I had my first twenty, everything just clicked into place, and, for a short period of time, the almost impossible became easy. Nine runs for seven fish on the bank. No monster fish, but the session of a lifetime for me!


22.14C, 22.05C, 19M, 18.08M, 17.05C, 15.06C, and a small common about 6lb.


The 22.05 being the best looking,



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I believe that you had one of those days when not only fid YOU get everything right but the fish were all in the vicinity as well .

Terrific angling with a touch of the good fortune that we all hope for but rarely get .

Well done mate , lovely common you have there :wink:

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When you start fishing waters where you don't catch every time you fish , these are the sessions you wait for and when they come along all the blanks are forgotten , you then wonder why you can't replicate that session the next time you go . Such a strange thing carping. I guess if we caught every time we would get board.

Good on you Shade .

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