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fishing with noddy

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So noddy strikes again, it's dark and I'm having a ciggy and a tea waiting for my dad to pick me up.


Back to the same lake again today with my dad and two brothers, I'll be running around sorting them out most of the time so it'll be interesting to see how the day goes!


Packed my dad's car yesterday, ended up changing the tyre as he had a flat, I then developed a killer migraine, felt like I was birthing an alien out of my eye socket! Not fun!! So it's been an interesting start!


I don't usually set my rods up before I go but am all sorted today, Sir Chod rig on one rod and lift float for the other....


I'll let y'all know how I get on

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Just for you Newmarket I'm out tomorrow at my secret squirrel difficult lake... I have the day off work,, woo hoo!! I'll try and give a live feed of my day, not sure how it will go as I've agreed that my boy can come along, we had a few hours there the other day and he loved it, 3 small perch, a roach, a Rudd and a swan muscle! He was most impressed with the muscle, wanted to cut it open to get "the pearl" ! Oh yes not only will my boy be there but the new addition to my family, a mental cairn terrier called cassie will be along for the fun!!


To be honest I don't expect to catch, this lake is a long term project. The carp few and far between reasonably easy to find but very difficult to hook! All around high teens to low twenties, proper mint condition, old, dark and bloomin lovely!


My usual tactic is one rod stalking, but tomorrow I'm forcing myself to be static, as for the last week or so I've seen 20+ carp spending a lot of time in one particular corner, one side is a bay area of open water with super snaggy margins and snaggy bottom, lots of broken branches on top of silt. The other side of the area has over hanging trees of about 8foot leading to an island on the left.


The carp spend a lot of time crusing the open water, into the snaggy margins on the right and then cross in front of the swim to the overhanging trees and island to the left. there's no point fishing a bottom bait to the trees as they feed near the bank under the trees and from the swim it would be impossible to get a fish out. My plan is to set up two zigs one near where the carp go under the trees and one to the right of the swim where they cross from the open water.


I've invented what i think is the best zig rig ever, difficult to explain so I'll post pics tomorrow but basically it is a fixed zig rig, (no float just long pop up rig) but I fish it as a large loop, eg 10 foot of line but looped to make the rig only 5 foot to start with, the loop is held in place top and bottom by rubber float stops so when I cast it keeps the length I set it at. But it allows me to adjust it to fish shallower or deeper as needed without making different depth hook lengths, and I avoid the tangles of using an adjustable zig float. If I get a take, there is enough tension to hook the fish but the loop will just tighten to its full length. I use a mcp dumper lead clip http://mcftackle.co.uk/product.php?id=104


Absolutely brilliant bit of kit!! Lead will drop everytime and as I'm tight I just use a stone wrapped in a home made net as my weight

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I'm bored of being quiet now! Carp rolling frequently and I'm just lying on my bed chair that isn't quite comfortable enough not sleeping as I've had too much coffee with the nagging feeling my baits are in the wrong spot.... Sooooo heard a decent carp roll, out of bed, torch on, I want to see where it came out. Now recast to a spot I'm happy with but probably blinded most of the aquatic life in the process! I'm now eating cookies and waiting for a fish

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The music was a rarity I think it was some festival or something down the road. Definitely made for an interesting night,


My view for the last few days








I don't know the weights as I didn't have my scales I'm not bothered as I've said before I tend to end up dissapointed when I weigh fish, interestingly though the last time the fish were known to be caught was during August last year. They were weighed at 18lb and 16lb so it would have been nice to know if or how much weight they had put on.


The second fish was again caught casting to bubbles, this time on a chod.

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