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New pb- and first 30+ mirror!

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Cheers chaps! Ok so a bit of background. 

This year my fishing has been sporadic in the extreme, as last year I was warned off I'd be going Cyprus from Feb on for two years, and the dates have continuously hopped to the right. So I couldn't get a ticket for any syndicates or clubs as it might of been money down the drain. So I did a couple of sessions on a local park lake with potential 30's in till I got a parking ticket, and since it was a mile and a half there and back walk from there without a barrow I wasn't keen on parking further away and I couldn't do nights I decided to find another place to go. I didn't like the look of any of the lakes nearby on dayticket (Medway area Kent) I came across thorney weir online. It looked lovely with nice fish, a decent size lake with lots of features and a lovely mixed head of fish. All for 15 quid for three rods 24 hours, that'll do me nicely! So I did a few sessions, but didn't do too well at first, having a low double on my second visit then no fish for the subsequent 3/4 trips. However I wasn't getting any continuity in my fishing, going for a quick overnighter every 3 weeks or so when I got the chance. However over the last 2 months I have had a lot of time off and waiting to fly, and have started going for 24hrs almost every week. 4 sessions ago I tried this swim I am fishing now for the first time, despite nearly fishing it before. I'd heard a lot about it being oneof the better producing swims, but had decided to steer clear as iI thought if it was popular then the fish would probably be wearier than usual in here. However this session as I turned up I saw it was full of carp milling around just under the surface. That session I tried to get them going on the top but couldbt really get them competing, then eventually got a bed of bait out and ended up with 3 runs and landed a 12lb mirror and an 18lb common. Happy days, I had my spots and tactics, and decided to concentrate here from now on. The next session it there was another guy in the swim, so I took one two down from him hoping to intercept any fish heading down the thin channel towards him, the direction of the wind being southwesterly I thought it should be pushing them that way from the main body of the lake. However we both blanked through the night, but as I was packing up I saw the guy had one on, and upon talking to him before I left he said he'd been using his bait boat to get tighter to a snag and had had three notes for two landed again up to just under twenty like mine, but having lost what he reckoned was a mid twenty. With this in mind I was buzzing for my next crack at this swim, but worried incase it was taken again. I decided Monday was the day to go as it was unlikely many people would be on. I got the swim, and hey presto, before I had my third rod out the first rod in had gone, and I landed a scrappy little 13lb mirror. Then about an hour after the same rod was of and after a cracking scrap I landed a 20lb on the nose common. The last run of this session was to come on the same rod at 4 in the morning, and that resulted in a fairly heavily scaled 19lber that other than a bit of mouth damage was decent looking. It just so happened that we now had firm dates for flying out to Cyprus, so I reasoned to the wife that a 48hr session as my last in the UK for 2 years would be nice, and I got the green light! 

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Ok, so I was super excited now at the prospect of 48hrs to hopefully really work the swim I'd dissed out, and if not a chance to work at finding a spot on the rest of the lake and fish it as two separate sessions if someone was already in the swim. I arrived after the best drive to lake I've ever had, with no congestion on the m25 or m4 I thought to myself, this bodes well! Upon arrival I put my bait bucket infront of the swim, fired out a load of floaters and donned the glasses and went fir a mooch down the no fishing area of the channel, to ensure that there were fish in the area and I wasn't just plonking in the swim because of caught there before. So it turned out the whole at Deon the swim there were 15 or so carp dotted about, only just visible with heads and backs poking through little hole is the weed just sunbathing. Really confident now I decided to try and get them going on the floaters before baiting up properly. So after firing floaters out for an hour while I set up my rods, banksticks, etc with not so much as a slurp I got a spread of mixed sized boilies out over the three spots I'd picked and proceeded to cast each rod, plumbing the spots and measuring the distances to each spot. I managed to get each rod on the money first cast on each rod, and the backeads on nicely. This is a new thing to me, as I was fishing slack at close range with 20lb x line but have finally got fed up of dealing with the coils springing of the spool as and when it feels like it! As mentioned I had spread about two good handfuls of mixed size boilies over each rod, a small handfull of corn and a bit of groundbait too to give them different bits to pickup and some added attraction. The rigs I was using were all kryston super Mantis gold in 25 lb with between an inch and 5 mm stripped back near the hook allowing for movement. The hooks were size 4 or 2 fox curve shanks with small shrink kickers on the 4's and bigger ones on the 2's. They were tied blowback style with large rig rings, with the rings set around level with the point giving quite an aggressive angle. Hookbaits were snowman style with worried down popups balanced so the bait didn't hover, but sat lightly on the lakebed.These would all be fished with a pva stick 2" long, the mix consisting of crumbed boilie, fishmeal and groundbait mixed with tuna, lumpfish caviar(!) and fish sauce. The pva sticks are a must here as there's loads of really small bits of weed floating on the surface covering the spots, and would cover up your hookbait without a stick, but a stick sheds them better I feel and saves your presentation. Although super confident I had to wait till just before midnight for the first run and after a fairly underwhelming fight I netted another thorney common. When I switched the headtorch on, as I hadn't needed it for the fight due to the full moon, I was suprised by the width if my capture. It went 24lb 12oz, and I was happy as it was mg biggest from thorney so far. I slipped her back, got the rod back on the spot and crashed out till I was rudely woken around 2 by another run. This fight was anything but straight forwards, as two rods were bleeping will I was playi.g it, as it turned out my backleads had snagged each other and I ended up Netting a nice mid double common and a huge ball of weed. I'd wiped out all three rods, and had damaged both the other rods line almost the whole distance out to the spots! After lots of tagging I stripped the rods back past the damaged line, got then on the spots and slept like a log till 6. Morning was uneventful, so I kept constantly feeding mixers and knew from a vantage point up a tree fish were patrolling in and out of my swim but they weren't taking the floaters again. I recast all the rods, tied a million pva sticks, and topped up the swim with more boilies, as I had after each fish during the night. I had just decided to get a bacon sarnie on when the left hand rod went for the first time, the first two takes coming on the middle rod. This rod had been about 4m from snags so was on the size 2's for a more secure hookhold and hopefully less mouth damage when fighting to keep away from the snag. After about 2 seconds of being in contact with the fish it went absolutely mental, stripping 15 yards or so against a very tight clutch, luckily passing well right of the snags. I knew I had to bully this out into the open water so I did the clutch up and wound down hard, then walked back a few paces, then repeated as quick as possible. As soon as I got it back around the sea it started it's runs it went again, and I let it take about 5 yards with my heart in my mouth, it felt so powerful and I was bricking it by now. After a few more lunges it turned into a stalemate whereby I was almost dragging it backwards as it more calmly tried going the opposite direction, until at about 10 yards out it decided to kite into the thick weed in the margin. I could not turn it due to the angle, and I tried to keep it's head up so it would come over the weed but it was just too heavy and ended locked solid at around 3 m away. There was absolutely no movement, and after a minute or so I decided to try and net the massive lump of weed I presumed the fish was still in as it felt way too heavy and solid to not be there still. Usually I would let the line go slack and hope for the fish to swim back out but I wasn't doing that on barbless! The netting wasn't working, the ball was too big, the weed surrounding too thick to get my net around. It was even harder at extreme one handed reach and Iccouldn't move the link any further with the rod. So I got hold of the line with my left hand ensuring I kept it tight, whilst placing the rod back in the rest, turning the alarm of and ensuring the line wasn't snagged around the eyes etc so if the fish went flying off I could quickly grab the rod and continue the fight. I managed to move the lump another meter or so closer, the lump would not move and I wasn't happy applying anymore pressure. I hadn't felt or seen any movement for about 10 mins and was starting to think the fish had skunk off after shedding the hook and I had just been wrestling with a massive hunk of weed. I thought sod it, and gingerly tested the massive pile of dead and dying weed to the left of the peg and found to my suprise it gave a decent footing in about a foot of water a good meter closer to where my line entered the ball of weed. I then found my tungsten mainline sinkers I set at about 3 foot from the hooklink. I started removing huge handfuls of weed from the main lump, holding the line in my other hand. After literally about 7 big handfuls I found a fish in there, and what a fish! It took my breathe away when I saw the size of this things head and the width of it's shoulders. As quick as possible I grabbed the landing net and bundled her in. I couldn't help but let out a bit of fairbrass style euphoria, after such an epic battle. I had had a little thought in my head that is love to get a 30+vmirror before I left for Cyprus, and knew it was a possibility, and looking at this fish, which I was quite sure I recognised as a known fish, was sure I'd gone and done it! Knowing the fish I thought this was usually goes around 37lb. I got her in the sling, zeroed the scales and bosh, 33.13! That will do me, and a reasonable looking fish to boot. I have literally just seen the bailiff and he has confirmed that it was red spot, a know 'A' team fish for here, and the bailiffs friend had it at 41lb a while ago. However it has been caught fairly regularly recently and is losing weight which is worrying. I was genuinely in awe as I watched it calmly swim off, looking even more awesome in it's natural environment. What a session so far, and all the ride are on the money, a bit more bait out and ready for a few more. I hear the little lin is a real looker! 

Ps. That's how far is got, and was about to post this when I had a run resulting in a heavily scaled 21.14mirror! Will try and post pics soon! 

All the best- Snowman!

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Lazy common- 24lb

24.14 lazy common

Mid double rod wiper-outer!


New pb Red spot @ 33.13

33.13 New pb!


Cracking 21lb mirror.


21.14, scaley slab!


What a session it's been! So glad it's come together as I was starting to doubt my ability having blanked a few times whilst definitely being on the fish. The rods all went back out nicely about 2 hours ago with a top up of bait, lets see what turns up tonight!

Cheer for all the comments, thought is rambled on a treat but it came out ok.

All the best folks- snowman/ Chris.

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