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Saying goodbye to Autumn...

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Went out yesterday to my Fav little Autumn spot it's gonna be the last chance i expect to get out there before the big freeze here in Ontario 

 It'S been a cracking years fishing with out doubt the best year ive ever had breaking 3 pb in one year and netting more 20 + fish this than the whole of last three years put together  ,some lovely looking fish there has been to..



Feel blessed to have such good fishing so close to home and all for  the price of a Fishing Licence , but the down side within next few weeks the rivers will be frozen solid 

to late March early April ochh..



So yesterday was a special day as i knew  it be  the last in this spot this year , had a cracking day 14 fish hit the net 10 Commons and 4 Nice Channel Cats twas a cracking way to Finnish the year . 



A few Photos from the Day ...................


All the fish where caught with a size 8 hook with two pop up plastic corns and two of Maze on the Hair with a Bolt Rigged with Fox In-Line Paste Bomb with my Home made Method Mix .

And a Wychwood  9 Ft Extractor  Rod. simple ..



Oh if anyone looking around for an all round River fishing Rod Highly recommend the   9FT  Wychwood Extractor 


Cheers all 


Tight Lines and wet Nets !!


​An Englishmen in Ontario !! 













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