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Australian Carp Fishing 14


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Great blog mate, some cracking fish had!


I feel your pain in regards to the rubbish left behind, this is one of my biggest bug bears on the bank! Just wondered if the ozzy fisherman as you call them would fish for carp or do they fish lakes and rivers more for other species?

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Hi mate, 

thanks for the kind words.


In regard to the aussie fishermen, some fish for carp (some with the intention of killing them, and some that just like fishing and I don't think actually kill the carp, preferring to just put them back) it's all about education, as all of the tackle shops over here will tell you that it is "illegal" to return a carp and that there is a huge fine. Fact of the matter is that for anyone that has a basic understanding of english grammar would be able to work out that the DPI requests that you don't return them alive, and there is a $150,000 fine for relocation of carp. So basically its a request, not a law (and a request based on flawed logic as there is no factual study that show any actual proof of the damage that they accuse carp of) and the fine is for relocation, not returning them from the water from where they were caught.


Most of the aussie fishermen that fish in freshwater would be going for other species like bass etc, saying that freshwater fishing is pretty rare as nearly everyone here lives relatively close to the sea and hence sea fishing is very popular as it enables them to "fish for a feed" which is a very ingrained attitude in Australia. All of us catch and release anglers laugh as invariably when you meet anyone of the bank and you tell them you are fishing for carp, the next thing out of their mouth is, "can you eat them?" as they genuinely cannot get their head around why you would want to spend time to catch a fish, just to put it back, it seriously does not compute. :roll:


Where it gets seriously ridiculous is trout, trout are not native, they are an introduced species just like carp difference is trout you can eat, hence carp are evil smelly oily no native pieces of faeces, but trout are loved. :roll: 


A friend of mine summed it up a while ago where some of us were getting angry at the way that they kill carp. he said


"listen guys, don't get upset as in reality they treat carp no differently to the fish that are native that they say they love. If it can't be eaten, they hate it and it dies, if it can be eaten, it gets eaten, hence it dies, if it is a species that is nice, but is to small to be eaten, it is bait to try and catch a fish that can be eaten, hence it dies. So un a nutshell, if an aussie catches a fish of any type, chances are it is going to die" sad but true I am afraid. Fish care is non existent largely.


Hence why I am doing my blogs to try and promote catch and release and just fishing for fun rather for lunch, it will be a very long road and one that I will probably never see the end of, but I  hope that I can at least make a difference in the way that some fishermen treat their catch, native or not.  

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