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November catches

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Hope no one minds but I'll start off with a 31 lb common a new pb caught on maggots last night , had a low double later on ,

The lake has been fishing very slow with no fish over 20 being caught for 10 days , decided to keep baiting up a corner of an island and by the time the fish came had probaly put down around 10 pints of maggots , nice when a plan works .

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Thanks all for the comments :)


A new PB is always good (But a pic is even better :wink::P )

Nice one John 8)

Until the fish was in the landing net it didn't trouble me in any way certainly didn't think it was anywhere near that size , from that second it went crazy , it soaked me from the knees down and then just wouldn't stay still did try to pick it up but it was having none of it , don't feel a photo is worth harming the fish so slipped it back , shame but that's life
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