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Review on nash dwarf rods

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Danny, I've had a play on the scopes and really liked the concept especially for some of the fishing I do. I mentioned them to Terry Edmonds on a casting tuition and he pointed me in the direction of Dymags. I have since bought two of these in 9ft. I took delivery the other week and am really impressed with them. They break down into 3 ft sections and can be supplied with a bag for them. All will fit into the boot of a car. There are no prices on the website but I've put the prices below.


9ft 3 piece 2.75lb test curve rod in standard build £169.95

Full duplon handles + £10.00

Full cork handles + £25.00

Carbon line clip £12.00 each

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i wanted some shorter rods to get over the problem of overhanging trees. On mature pits this can be a problem. I settled for a pair of Dwarf 9ft 2.75lb tc.They cast very well and accuracy is better. For playing fish on they are fantastic. Loads of power right through the curve and to be honest they feel like they could handle anything. I was so impressed I now have a pair of 10 ft 3.5tc for heavy bag work and these rods are awesome. They cast beyond my needs and still retain a good playing character. The up side to this is I no longer have the bulk of 12 footers. These pack down so small. Both sets cover my needs. I got a 9ft 4.5 tc for marker work and thats just a beaut. You feel everything.Now I have to buy a spod and i think it will be a 9 4.5tc. My 12 footers have become redundant. You have to play a fish on a shorter rod to appreciate how much more control you have. Close in they are brilliant. Reminds me of using my old Mk 4s 10 footers 40 years ago.Downside is I wish I could of afforded the scopes.....  

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