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Costs to fish in the UK

Guest Swamptrout

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Guest Swamptrout

Hi everyone


I read in a UK fishing paper sometime ago about you poor [censored]s having to pay to fish in catch & release lakes. For curiosity could someone tell me are these lakes privately owned, how the system works and how much you have to pay.


Thank you in advance for your replies.



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Most of the fishing in this country is catch and release for various reasons:


Privately stocked


Polution either killing the fish reducing their population and leading us to not want to eat them


Predation - otters, cormorants, crayfish and other water life taking the food from our fishes mouths or eating their young


Lack of rain reducing oxygen levels killing the fish


Changes in ecology from farming, moving rivers and diverting water coarses making it difficult for some species to reproduce


(I think that's enough for a start)




We have to buy a licence to fish: in some areas you are able (subject to local by-laws) retain some fish for the table, but as said above may not want to.


Then you have to obtain a permit form whoever controls the piece of water you want to fish, this may cost money; for example some clubs have rights to certain lakes, stretches of canal and river.


It sounds really complicated and many do find it difficult to understand. Over here we have to buy a licence to watch tv, if you want extra channels like Sky you then have to pay them to watch their channels, I hope this is more understandable.

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None of us (adults) can fish without a rod licence costing £27 for two rods how much you want to spend on where you fish is up to you. It is true that you can pay well over a thousand pouns a year to fish some places but even that is only £20 a week and if you fish a lot then I see that as good value . One lake I fish costs me £25 a year , days only the other place I fish is £30/24 hours . To a point you get what you pay for , its supply and demand and a lot of people want to fish for big carp , while the demand is there the charges that the better fisheries make will remain but we all have the option not to pay them .

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i buy two EA rod licenses that allow me to fish with four rods and i pay a club membership that gets me access to 8 lakes, 2 river stretches and 1 mile of canal, that is 11 choices of places to fish and i fish for 9 months of the year at least three day seshes a week and i have at least ten overnights too.

now if you take the cost of that as £27 x 2 + 90 = £144.00 for the year and divide by the amount of 12 hour periods on the bank (56) the cost evens out at £2.56 per twelve hour session, and i get the bank to myself the great majority of the time.

strangely enough i dont consider myself to be a "poor [censored]" :lol:

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