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A few pike including a new PB over 20lb

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11 hours ago, chillfactor said:

May as well stevo .... Mick had some of his best fishing , while off for the same reason . There's no substitute for time on the bank & no better way to recover. 

Yea mate agree 100% kids gone school Mrs going work I’m going down the canal with the dog looking for some new spots. I’d normally have been 2hrs into my shift by now 😂😂😂

Think it’s all over soon tho mate a return to work is imminent 🙄🙄😂😂

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I had 7 takes, 4 on ledgered mackeral head, 3 on smelt and landed 2 on each, but lost 3 fish as hooks pulled. I can only assume small fish that didn't take the bait deeply. All were lightly hooked 


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On 03/12/2020 at 18:47, victormeldrew said:

The main thing is the condition of them pike,they look perfect to me,well done,I would guess they have not been caught to many times before,happy days

Think they are self limiting numbers, very few silver fish seem to be in the lake. 

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On 03/03/2015 at 10:15, salokcinnodrog said:

As my current water is not particularly carp friendly, I've been exploring its pike potential with a few trips this year.


Over 4 trips a mate and I have had some good fish, pike from 2 to 21lbs, normally a couple each trip, although we did manage a blank between us each day.


The mate in question is the friend who managed to catch the twenty I lost last year, really into his fishing now, and enjoying it.


Our first pike trip produced 3 to me, and Colin saved a blank with the small jack last knockings.


My fish were two around 6lb, and a scrappy 16 with a missing pec.




The next trip, Colin managed another couple of jacks, and again I had 3, topped with a 17. The 17 was a bit of a nightmare, not the fish, but the idiot dog walker who as I was unhooking it, got so close to the rod tip, moved it away from his face, and pulled the treble under my nail, more problems unhooking me than the pike.88725c1013d2c5ca0f8993b89941e63c_zpsb722


Unfortunately we both blanked next trip, but hey ho.


A week later we were back at the venue, after a couple of casts I cast a whole joey mackeral, and within minutes, a finicky take with just a few bleeps and a nodding rod tip, no line pulled out the clip I hit into this beauty at 21lb






The smile is very real, only my second ever pike over 20, worthy of a new PB at 21.



Nice pike that mucka 

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