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hi all/

            im off to france this summer, i will be fishing a couple of lakes around angouleme and limoges. i was toying with the idea of a bit of river fishing on the charente . i have looked online to get some info, but with little succsess. any1 out there fished the charente?

any info would be welcome.



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Yes, I've fished the stretch between Angouleme and Cognac. Fish definitely there, and a few French bivvies around. I was on holiday in the motorhome so just fished the days. Had to stop using the corn because of Chub, but no runs with the boilies, Mind you I was only fishing it half seriously. This year will be different now I know the river a little better.

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I live 15 minutes from the River Dronne (16210) and fish mainly for barbel and chub. My biggest carp to date is 27lb and I catch them purely because the tactics and baits are pretty much the same and not because I am targeting them. Lost an estimated 40lb fish a couple of weeks ago and have lost one or two monster cats. This is surprising because the Dronne where I fish it although deep in places is fairly narrow and very slow flowing. On baits, have any of you tried Frolic dog biscuits? I was put onto them by a French guy who told me that more big fish have been caught on them than anything else. To be fair most of my biggest were caught on them. My biggest barbel is 6lb and I have had many that size but I am convinced there are some bigger fish there. If the carp and cats grow to such sizes surely the barbel must as well.

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