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Best way to cast long zigs?


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Does any other tactic work at Drayton? It's all I see there, Zig City!


Try the Barston method, cast your rig to chosen spot, use a pva bag to build a little baited area and catapult single boiles over the rig non stop match man style, I have had a few nice doubles out doing that.


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What's every ones tactics to casting long zigs?

I fold the zig in half and use dissolving foam to stick it to the lead clip and then when the foam rises to the top of the water chuck 1 or 2 sloppy spods over it.


Well i tend to attempt an adjustable set up so my hooklength is never more than 2-3 foot long .

I hear the bucket method works well though in your position


Lid of a bucket is about the best way I've seen for casting long zigs


its the only way I have seen, using PVA in the manner suggested is asking for a tangle.

I used to put the hook and bait in a bucket and cast it. In fact doing that is also the method I use when casting long hooklinks with a controller.


You could I suppose try PVA and some bait in a mesh or bag, with that attached to the hook and to the lead/clip, but you may possibly get a tangle as it rises up through the water.

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zig on lid, lead on floor cast up instead of out and feather down, cast further than you need to and start reeling back before lead hits the bottom, tried adjustables on a fox zig float for the first time on a 24hr yesterday, never again, as soon as i set it up knew it was gonna tangle on the cast and it didnt dissapoint,came back wrapped around float with a knot in the hooklength, i take it the slot in the floats for pva?

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