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Under The Brolly - Horseshoe

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I'm back down next weekend if your on Dom, you can give me some tips!!

Pahahaha!! I'm sure you'll manage just fine Nige!


Find the fish - launch pva bags at them! :wink:


I'd pop down as I'm only 20 mins away, but I'm away that weekend.


Good luck - I'll keep an eye on here to see how you're getting on.

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Good blog on a legendry water, bloke who used to run a tackle shop near me used to fish there most weekends, good Tench water too, so I hear, lol. Used to go in his shop and ask him how he got on, "had a load of Tench annoying me", he used to say, I was fishing the local canal at the time for Tench, couldn't understand how 10-12lb Tench could be annoying :mrgreen:

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I still cant :wink:

Nor me, in respect to the guy he does have some big captures under his belt, was one of the first to catch Two Tone and was going out to Europe when it was pretty much unheard off, used to go out to Holland and Belgum to fish the canals, you gotta know your onions to fish for canal carp in this country, never mind out in Europe

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Hi Dom,


Really good read. Congratulations on the captures. Pretty fish.


Question - The pva bags you're firing out - small/medium/large? - contents? Rig(s)?

Swim 1 and 2 and 33 and 34 - what's out in front of you by way of topography?


Hi Turnip, thanks for commenting in here. I tend to use small solid pva bags, inline lead, short braid hook link, with a bright pop up (Baitworks Scent from Heaven/Scent from Hell) popped up an inch. I've no idea what the bottom was like, If I'm only doing short sessions, I rarely get the maker out. I tend to cast to showing fish, then recast if I've not had a take within an hour.

Anything else turnip lol ? :wink:


Good read again Dom , it does seem to be fishing well so far this year .... and I still haven't be able to find the time to get up there :(

Yes, the stockies are doing well, if you can find them, you're usually in for a few takes - they move around so frequently though, so you usually have to chase after them and stay mobile!!


Well, Phil - I was going to ask if he could cast his next line in and call it mine, but didn't like to ask for too much..... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sure!!  :wink:

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