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Carp dietary requirements and digestive system

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20 hours ago, buzzbomb said:

In the fall when we're drifting for walleye we even get the odd carp on big diving rapalas.  They're opportunistic like every other fish; if they can catch it and expend less energy than they gain, they'll go for it.  Re: sweet vs savoury, in my groundbait I like to put something sweet (or sweet-ish) like a fruit drink or soft drink, ice tea powder, kool aid or syrups (I get expired stuff from the bar where I work), something hot like chili flake or sriracha or other hot sauce for the capcasin element, and something fishy.  I have old cans of Red Bull I've been waiting to use for years.  I use nuoc mam Vietnamese fish sauce for the fishy element, and it's also really salty, so checks that box as well.  I add it all when I soak overnight so I know what level the canner is at, then bring to a boil and simmer for an hour and it's ready.  Experimentation is the name of the game, and the mad scientist thing is absolutely one of the more attractive aspects for me.  There are a thousand hacks for hookbait, but in my experience, where I am, any sizeable piece from a decent groundbait will work on the hair.

That is some serious experimenting. I love the creative aspect and strategy that encompasses carping. I haven't gotten that creative, and putting that on the stove would get me kicked out. I was wondering if keeping the sweet and savories separate, or just pool them all up and go for it. Looks like you put them all in one. I keep pretty much every unused food item, turn it into carp bait and give it a try. Nothings worked with consistency but it's been fun putting stuff together while not letting it go to waste.  

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On 15/08/2020 at 06:58, NC Angler said:

Question, do you think UK syndicate lakes and the like are comparable to pay lakes in the US? I don't do pay lakes because they get so much pressure, and quite frankly, we don't treat our carp with the respect that Euro anglers do. 


I've never been to the UK, but I've seen some match fishing on television and I think paylakes may be closer to coarse match fishing than specimen carp fishing or runs waters, despite the difference in fish size.  The lack of concern for natural surroundings, crowded arrangement of pegs, and competitive atmosphere all seem to be common traits.  On paylakes the serious players are there to enter for cash prizes, and at night the water, sectioned off by ropes so everyone knows their fish-able space, is illuminated by floodlights.  I found this site to give our UK brothers an idea of what they do.


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On 11/06/2015 at 11:57, Turnip said:

I would be reluctant to use the yeast on the basis that I don't know enough about the reactions that would/could occur with the ingredients I would possibly use during 'fermentation'. ie,.Blood Powder (lysine up or down?). (I'm a scaredy cat, scaredy cat, sittin on the door mat :wink:)

I would also look at alternatives - oh, I would :roll::wink::P:mrgreen: (Deja vu re: enzymes) - Garlic powder! :wink: 


That said - the shop bought bait (boilie) which does contain the yeast additive is Goofies Danglies, so it obviously works.

I’ve used brewers yeast in my base mix for yrs and found that just as the baits start to go whitish they’re at their best I think this is because the enzymes are active once out on the lakebed the naturals then attack the baits which in turn make the carp want to eat them.   I’m far from an expert or scientist this is just what I’ve noticed

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