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Is anyone planning on fishing the start of the river season on June 16th?



I'd been baiting, preparing and generally getting excited since mid May. The colour has been poor for spotting, and come the 16th i hadnt seen any thing carpy.

Nothing happened,not even a chub!!  I did a quick night thursday and while setting up something boshed, but i didnt see what it was...big though judging by the vortex. Two chub.

Tuesday night, in my 3rd swim( each creeping a little down stream) looked perfect. the few boilies id sprinked along the shelve had all gone....all but one, and this scream carp to me as the remaining boilie just couldnt of been missed by a swan if theyed had 'em (i was in a boat looking in)........got down for about 9ish dropped two rigs under my rods tips........12ish , a few bleeps then it ripped off. at 1st i thought it felt like a chub , then it felt snagged....then once it move left the right i knew... it was never more than 4 ft from me but it took 10 mins to finally get a glimpse, and a few more to net it.looking in the net i was confident it would go mid twenty.



I was so right...... when i weighed it


33lb 6oz Whoop whoop, proper smashed my old river pb

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I'm presently sat on a lake where a river runs behind. It will be my venue for the forseeable future due to work. As I walked round I couldn't help but think I want to get back on the river that I grew up fishing but this time for carp. Despite seeing carp crash and head and shoulder where I'm fishing there's something about the river that is calling and I'm more tempted by that than I am the lake.


I'm going to prebait each time I come to fish the lake and after work on other days.


What changes to your setup would you make? I know there are carp and barbel in the stretch. I used to catch chub and barbel from a different spot. A bit further down as that's where it all began for me.

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CM not much of a flow, some nice looming spots. I'll go on sweet corn and have no plans to fish it for a few weeks. I'll make do on the lake.


I'm fishing overnighters between work, otherwise I wouldn't get out as much due to a change in work.


Would you be happy with single bank sticks/buzz bars? Or would a continental style be better?

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