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Fusion Carp Bivvy / Bank Power box

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I'm going to be honest about this product and hopefully save you all a lot of grief and also your money. Last November i decided to buy the power box made by fusion carp (Mk 2) i believe. All was well and paid upfront for a product i believed would reach me in time for xmas. Well this was the beginning of my problems, i didnt get the power box until January by which time xmas had long past and the first session i needed it for had also gone. When the power box finally did arrive (after much moaning on facebook to fusion carp) i was happy. It looked great, was small enough to fit in a protective case and i couldnt wait to try it out on the bank. I charged it for a solid day (12 hours) by which i was informed should be long enough to fill up the power box. I took it with me on a trip to France and by day two the unit was dead. Not to worry - the lake i was on had a power outlet and i could charge it for two days and return. I looked past this thinking well i have the power box now so ill live with the less than promised supply of power. A week or so ago i went to charge the unit for only the second time and would you believe it it wouldnt charge at all. I paid over £60 for this piece of rubbish and have had nothing but grief. Ive since been in contact with fusion carp who have said they're willing to swap it for a newer / better model. This from a company who couldnt deliver it in time the first time wants me to send it back and wait another 3 months for a new box. haha. After a day or so of thinking about my options i though i have nothing to lose from sending it back... 2 weeks have past and im still waiting for the address to send it to. So sorry for the rant, i did tell the guy from Fusion carp that i would put a review online so i could save other anglers the bother i had to go through. Hope this helps in your endeavours finding a decent power supply for when your on the bank.

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Well quite Hutch .

No disrespect to the original Poster intended but have you seen those fusion Carp things ? :)

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