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Carp Virus Murray-Darling System......

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apparently the ausie government dont want foreign species invading but they are not averse to chucking deadly viruses into the eco system,

they have used such things as feline parvovirus as well as myxoma and rabbit calicivirus plus now KHV is about to go in. i am going to presume that they DO know that a virus can and will mutate?

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They seem to believe that the killing of 95% of carp will bring their waterways back to a pristine condition, ignoring the fact that most of the damage is done by humans.  Remove the industrial pollution, urban and farming run off, bank erosion from cattle and ski boats, habitat removal, redirection of waterways and reduction of natural flows and then you can blame the carp.  

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So very sad. :cry:

'When in Rome' - not an issue with, and the Countries issues have to be respected, yet I can't help thinking that for such a 'Westernized' Country such as Australia - there appears to be so many backward thinking people in charge.

Victoria - first offence of returning a Carp to a water - $12k, second offence is $24k (if I recall correctly).

The way that the Australian acts - and I mean absolutely no offence to anybody in person, but generalizing towards the powers-in-charge - the Aussie has managed to kill/make extinct so many species of wildlife (although many losses can be accounted/blamed on SS Makambo running aground) just for the sake of hunting.

I was speaking with my friend last night (he lives in Casino) with regards to this topic/thread, and he was explaining that the eco system isn't so much damaged by the predatory factor of Carp as it is to the man/woman who enjoys driving their 4x4's through the rivers, spewing petrol/diesel out all over the place, or the companies who decide it better to pour their chemical waste into a river - allbeit 20/30k  away from their site, and blame it on good old Carpio.

With a tad of understanding, and with the 'correct' policing (contradictory, I accept, but for want of explanation) - Australia could be the world capital of Carp fishing. It could certainly take away the bounty to which South Africa is attempting to achieve, and would, in my opinion, be more of a destination than say, the Ebro, France, German, Italy and several other European Countries.

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The reality is that it's all down to money, angling doesn't represent enough direct income - the reports given by experts are paid for by interested bodies, the interested bodies who are trying to prove that it's not them to blame; this to my mind has been a big problem over here in blighty and whilst it has not been stopped completely is slowly getting better.


I wonder what would happen if there was to be chemicals (or some such) put into the water over here to kill off the invasive crayfish, they are a pest to anglers and don't do many favours to our eco-system, but that's all[?], some people do enjoy their company on a plate with chips (you can get chip free plates if you find a posh enough restaurant but I don't know where one is :oops:)


As Nip says though:


the Countries issues have to be respected
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Well whilst fishing last night, four young men set up near me for a bit of carp bashing. a friend of mine wandered over to them and asked why they kill carp.... "well they're ruin the environment, they muddy up the water" but this lake is pretty clear. "they kill other fish" but there's plenty of roach, perch and trout in here and carp aren't predatory. "they spread disease". All the standard answers.


They left at about midnight and I checked out their swim in the morning, fag buts everywhere, ring pulls, bread tags and some plastic packaging from their cigarettes.... All with a bin just 25ft away.


I know who's really damaging the environment!

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