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One for you home made bait guys


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Had a bit of a setback with the lake plans .

Had a team ready to start a couple of months back on a 1/2 acre stock pond down there to get some fish growing on in prep for the bigger lake .

The EA have thrown a spanner in the works at the last minute demanding all spoil must be removed from the site and not lost on the rest of the ground which was the original plan . This has added massive cost implications !

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Yes mate , it's been classified as flood plain and thus I can't be seen to raise the ground level even by a tiny amount.

Hasn't flooded since 2007 where everything was under water so it's a bit hard to swallow tbh .

It's heavy clay so nothing anyone would buy off me & as soon as it leaves site it's classed as waste which incurs even more charges on top of the haulage.

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That's exactly how I prep it mooseman. .... boiling hot water whack the lid on & leave it .


I see you mention fishing the Wye .... my favourite river & spent well over a decade fishing it before I decided to move back to lakes & carping.

Still go a couple of times a year but crikey there seems to be loads more anglers on her these days .

Never used to see a sole where I went certainly not the case now .

I forgot to ask how did little farriers go ?


Seems I've missed a bit on this thread since Friday judging by the amount of new posts! Pesky fishing got in the way over the weekend...  :P


I'll PM regards the hot water and grain Phil.


The hot Barbel area's of the Wye have been crazy now since around 2009/2010 and I don't go there anymore myself. Had some spectacular evening sessions on there. There are still the odd little quiet area's that are lovely, but unfortunately it seems for bigger fish, you have to go where all the bait is going in... They are just like Carp really when you think about it.


Little Farriers, blimey that seems ages ago! I blanked, along with the other 3 guys on there! I only did 2 nights but they fished the whole week. A lot of fish could be seen sat in the thick weedbeds in the middle, and on the second morning I noticed that the margins all around the lake were a thick soup of Daphnia, so I packed up and went home.

Not somewhere I'd choose to go I don't think, Churn pool just over the road is in a different league.

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Got out today for a couple of hours on my private low stock lake . Not been up there for quite a while as I've been up Horseshoe with what spare time I could find through winter .


I've had 10k of Turnip's bait in the freezer for a while now but not really used it . So last night I set about prepping some for short session today 5k out all were cut in half , it's a denser bait than I've used before & with the cold water Temps fancied halves the hook & for feeding. I then ground half of the baits up to make stick mix . I know this lake well especially winter fishing so I wasn't in a rush to get up there as bite time seems to always be either side of midday .


Topped up a few spots I had dropped some layers on the day before on arrival with boilie halves and set about getting the rigs out . Big sticks simple rigs . Drop back on the indicator and a nice little common on the bank happy days :)

Topped up the spot again and should have had another fish but got done. Was only up there a few hours so nice to catch one . Going back up for one of the big girls tomorrow lunchtime, see if they get on Turnip's bait as I topped up again when I left. :


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Can I pick your brains please gents .

I'm trying to get my cost of bait down for the season ahead , but want to stick with boilies.

Fishing the best part of 70 acre pit where the fish can and do move around a lot. So you can find yourself using plenty of bait per session.

In your opinion what's the cheapest food source mix you could come up with & still be happy with ?

And how much would it roughly be per kilo ?

Thanks in advance for any contribution

Phil 8)

My advice would be to save up some extra pennies and purchase the effective level of your chosen ingredients. Don't skimp on bait, spending time behind the rods is precious. Time is more expensive than money.
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Fish or meat meal, layers mash, milk protein (Sca Multimilk), Tiger nut flour, Semolina, full Fat soya flour


Wonder how much that would work out at per kilo?


Could then add some Biotin, Brewers Yeast, Seaweed, and maybe a drop of molasses.

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