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Well after 68 nights fishing horseshoe I finally got one in the net, 27lb pb common , also lost one yesterday.

Looking like I should be able to make it Got funeral arrangements nearly sorted few things to confirm Monday or Tuesday all necessary people been contacted accept the bank but doing that tomorrow, c

I'm off out for a picnic with the boys today watching jo in her rounders final. Then it's back home to prepare bait, stock up the food and brew kit as I don't normally take one! Strip the leaders off the rods and tie up some barbless rigs. Got busy days Monday and Tuesday where I'll be trying to fit a weeks work into two days. Then early doors Wednesday, I'll be on my way!


Alan and I are heading down there on Thursday morning. Have the kettle on, Nige.




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Couple of questions Nige/Phil/Andy...... Am I right in thinking there's a tackle shop fairly local to Hirseshoe ? I think there was last time I was down there.

I know it wasn't aimed at me but there is one called the tackle den that won't be far. It may be the one the other Andy has mentioned.


I had to pop in there when I forgot my tea mug when fishing around the corner. No idea how far it is from Horseshoe as was on a different lake but would imagine it's not far.


Seemed reasonably well stocked.


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