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Well after 68 nights fishing horseshoe I finally got one in the net, 27lb pb common , also lost one yesterday.

Looking like I should be able to make it Got funeral arrangements nearly sorted few things to confirm Monday or Tuesday all necessary people been contacted accept the bank but doing that tomorrow, c

As Phil mentioned ...yes i had one, landed one around 9 last night, i had also moved swims earlier that morning.


10lb 11oz ,from the margin


I would like to say thanks to all the guys their who made me feel welcome and not a stranger, i did really enjoy my time their with you all.

Food was...... EXCELLENT....... well done Andy ............


Here are a couple from the bivvy



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Another social down! Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday lads, we had a last minute trip to hospital to visit my partners Nan. She's fine; had a hip replacement on Thursday.


Was looking forward to a good catch up! Next time...


Well in Phil and David! Just goes to show that putting the effort into a move can really pay off. 

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I thoroughly enjoyed myself just as I knew I would. It was great to hook up with the usual suspects again and to make two new friends, both called David. Both fitted straight in as if they'd known the rest of us for years, fair play to them.


Nice one Phil and Dayvid for catching, each as a result of having moved swims.


My thanks to Andy for organising things and to Miles, Carp Society Director, for being so helpful and amenable.


Roll on the next one!



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Very relaxing social... always great to meet up with you all.

Both David's absolute pleasure to meet you both , stevo pass on my regards to him mate .


Sat and watched one of the most impressive shows of fish I have probably ever seen with Nige from about 1pm yesterday running up to the bbq at 4 pm .

Felt for Nige as they were edging ever closer to his spot & reeling in for the bbq was the last thing you would want to of done at that point .


Andy food was spot on & very much appreciated 8)

Thanks to all 8)


Congratulations Dayvid on a fish on your first social & visit to Horseshoe 8)







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Very enjoyable weekend and was great to meet you all, some for the first time.


Thanks to Andy for arranging the social and sorting the food out, Miles for allowing it and the use of facilities, Hel (Andy's wife) for making the Curry, Karl for doing the BBQ.


I left on Sunday morning and believe only 2 fish were caught, well done Phil and Dayvid.


Anyway, great social and looking forward to the next one.

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