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Well after 68 nights fishing horseshoe I finally got one in the net, 27lb pb common , also lost one yesterday.

Looking like I should be able to make it Got funeral arrangements nearly sorted few things to confirm Monday or Tuesday all necessary people been contacted accept the bank but doing that tomorrow, c

Last time we went winter bay was real slow and summer bay was producing well. Miles suggested that we should just turn up and go where the fish were. He thought we would have no trouble dropping in swims and still be able to have a social.

Food for thought.

thought about mentioning that myself but as that's what I'll be doing anyway wasn't my place to say . There were reasons for summer fishing so well and even if that was replicated again only two anglers would of been able to get on those fish anyway tbh Keith .

Think the good thing about a social is knowing that your booked on & have a spot on the lake with your name on it .

It could be busy you just don't know at least with booking a section your definitely on .

Nothing saying you can't book summer bay though or a bit of summer and winter or like you say just take a chance hope it's not busy !

But the back end of last year was fairly busy at the weekend tbh you would be all trudging up the other end with all the extras that come with a social ..... if it was a midweek social I wouldn't be so worried .

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I'm a McLeod on my maternal side and I love wildlife so Famous Grouse is almost compulsory. Stuart, I'm really looking forward to meeting up again.





I've a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and a bottle of Gold Label, will that suffice? Obviously I'll be bringing a couple of crates of Peroni to wash it down with as well.


I'm already like a child on Christmas Eve.

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