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Thanks for the welcome guys.


As Andy says, I am retired now.I closed my garage last July, just couldn't afford to continue, work went a bit thin and I spent a year paying overheads and not earning enough to keep my head above water, ended up spending most of our savings as well. So I decided to throw the towel in, close the business and retire.I have a wonderful wife and family who helped and supported me right to the end. I'm not happy about waking up in the morning and not going to work, worked all my life and just can't get used to the way things are at the moment, but, importantly,my relationship with Rose has certainly improved now I don't have the stress and worry about where the next penny is coming from. Late last year I had a nice PPI  payment which meant I could clear all my debts, so now we can manage on our 2 state pensions plus my pension credits.

Over the last few years my fishing basically had to take a back seat because all my time,effort and money was centered on the business.

Last year I did 5 sessions at Churn Pool with a few very exceptional guys and who I consider good mates, Andy,Ian,Alan,Nige and Guy. I have to say that if it wasn't for these guys I would be a perfectly normal, alcohol free guy  :lol:   Seriously though, you guys made my year and it was a pure pleasure fishing with you, RESPECT. I'm sure there will be more sessions to come and I look forward to it.


Anyway, once again, thanks for the welcome and I'll try and come on here more often.

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