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an area of fishing that I need to improve  ! and ive never used a spomb , so , after watching a few underwater videos  am I right in thinking that I would be best suited with a spod on deeper water as it keeps your offerings in a tight group as it falls through the water and a spomb for a decent spread in shallow water , especially in waters with a low stock of fish where they arnt competing for food , so might be picky so I'm trying to get them to move around after every mouthful

 or do I just get the spomb out  and  just keep covering the area until I start getting abuse   !   :wink:


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It really depends what bait you are using. If you are boilies only then spread them using a catty or throwing stick. Spomb them for tighter groups. For particle its so much easier to use a spomb than a spod IMO. You can, like a spod, just leave it for a second or two before reeling it in to ensure the bait drops down and isnt spread across a large area. 


Just dont get the new fox one, seem to be breaking on impact!

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Tend to think spods can empty slower and end up with a wider spread especially if there is chop on a water.


In almost all instances I'd use a spomb as I think it empties quicker.


Think Rob Hughes in Carpology has an article where he discusses this and also how weight of a bait affects how quickly it falls and the spread.


If I wanted liquids included in the mix I'd use a spod as they leak out of a spomb onto the ground.

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I use both spod and spomb at times dependant on baits.


For wet particles (and liquid) and getting a closer bed of pellets and chops I use the spod. For whole boilies and a dry particle mix and groundbait with a good spread I use the spomb. The groundbait I can keep closer if I need to by making into balls before loading the spomb.


I have two spods, one of which I have taped over the holes to hold liquid with my particles. I have found that a spod doesn't always allow whole boilies to fall out, for some reason they get trapped.


The spomb is always likely to release, although if it does land flat, a clipped cast sometimes bringing it up short, it does occasionally not open. It also penguin hops back on the retrieve, being fairly easy to reel in


The spod takes longer to empty as it comes up in the water, you may need to 'flick' it to get it to empty properly, and if it 'dives' in can be a problem to retrieve.




I have seen and used the Fox version, and I do not think it is as good as the spomb. I know a number were returned with the shutter pin falling away, and also they don't empty as quickly as a spomb; which when seagulls and tuftied are about is quite amusing, as they will attack the spod eating the bait out of it. Also the retrieve is a bit iffy, not straight, the shape can cause it to curve back towards you.



Sometimes I say to heck with spod and spomb, and make a number of boilie PVA stringers, or even PVA mesh bags and cast them in until I have created the spread I want. I have had takes from big fish within minutes of casting in 30 bait stringers for 30 minutes or so!


You could even repeatedly cast a groundbait ball moulded around a lead or feeder, basically The Method.

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CM, a bait boat is slightly more expensive :wink:

There was once an angler who was extremely helpful to me as a new carper, and was tenacious enough to fish a swim for an entire season without a bite. His name was Ian_d and his signature was The first rule of Baitboat Club is don't talk about Baitboat Club.
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I use both.


Spomb for boilies, usually to get past the seagulls, otherwise a stick. Also maggots, loose particles, pellets etc.


Spod for traditional spod mixes, sloppy mixes etc.


I find the spomb much louder on impact than a spod, and not a lot you can do about it. For this reason I prefer a spod as it can be laid on the water fairly gently. Do this with a spomb and you'd risk it not opening. Spomb is awesome for getting boillies out past seagulls though, and laying down carpets of parti and maggots/pellets though.

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