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Deep Quarry lake in Auckland NZ.

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Hi all


Just wonder how would you tackle a very deep guarry lake about the size of a football pitch.

The margins are 20foot deep all round and then drop off to about 30 to 40 feet in the middle.

There is also a lot of eel grass in the margins and the lake has very clear water.

The fish in it are tench,perch,Rudd,goldfish and eels I know these fish are. In there as you see them from time to time.

The bait I will be using is bread and maggots on float gear close in.


Any help on this would be great.


Ps I will have this lake all to myself most of the time as it is not fished at all for coarse fish.

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When you say milk ground bait that is a great idea to bring the fish up.

What would I use in my ground bait to do this.

As we just can't go to a tackle shop here and buy ground bait.

I make my own out of brown bread crumbs,chicken mash,bird seed and raspberry cordial for making drinks,sometimes I dye it red too.

I also use liquidised bread.

We have tried the feeder and Polaris fishing but we never get anything.

My mate has caught a few with just a shot on the line and just letting it sit about 3 feet of the bottom.

I have had some luck on the float fishing about 12 to 15 feet in 20+water.

This is all just out in front of us.

But it is hard going as we see the fish jumping around and rolling but they don't seem to need our bait.

There must be a lot of natural food in there because of all the weed perhaps?

Thanks again for all the replys perhaps if we try some of these new ideas we may start to get a few more fish.

I keep you posted.

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Properly prepared:
Chick peas
Kidney Beans
Butter Beans
Maple peas(they do bird food (seed) as well)
Barley (from same place as maple peas)
Red skin or blanched Peanuts when properly prepared and used in moderation can also be a good bait, overuse can cause more harm than good.

Look here for preparation guide and other ideas for particles



Ready to go


Jelly type sweets


Just needs mixing

Cat meat paste (tinned cat food mixed with semolina)

Bread paste

Cheese paste

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