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Homemade Bird Mix / CLO / Robin Red


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This topic relates to the "Comments on Boilie Mix" topic. Thought it more practical to split the topic. Feel free to pull it apart and change. Am long gone past the sensitive stage.


One of the ingredients in the mix is the my so called "Red Robin / CLO / Bird Feed Mix immitation something. I currently have this at 125g of the mix.


I am looking for the following in this mix:

  • Typical vitamins and minerals carp are short of in general
  • Taste / Palatability improvement
  • Attraction / Food signals
  • Maybe add a little bit with binding


Firstly, I specifically exclude the egg biscuit / cereal ingredients as these I add and quantify seperately as part of the binders.


So here goes my "Immitation Something Mix"


  • 15g X Hemp Seed
  • 12.5g x Niger Seed
  • 12.5g x Alfalfa seeds
  • 12.5g x Parmeson cheese
  • 12.5g x Kelp
  • 12.5g x Tomato powder (homemade)
  • 12.5g x Paprika
  • 12.5g x Cayenne Pepper
  • 2.5g x Black Pepper
  • 2.5g x Fenugreek
  • 2.5g x Aniseed
  • 2.5g x Fennel


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Not sure about the cheese powder not that it doesn't work it just doesn't belong with the other items for me


I would crush the hemp seed and would also probably drop several of the ingredients as it is a little bit busy for me, the paprika, kelp, hemp and cayenne pepper could all be increased to allow the dropping of a couple of ingredients, thing is you can plough as many ingredients as you want into a boilie but how many of those are being used in the quantities they need to be to make them any use, some of the stuff you put in maybe at a level that is not really detectable to the fish weather it is there or not, also these type of ingredients generally process similar properties in there attraction profile.


What your trying to do is deep inside the bait rabbit hole.

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Gents, I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in, but you have taken out the Fenugreek!?


I would strongly suggest that it is put back into the bait.

I was adding this to a yellow birdfood mix in the 90's and my results improved straight away and kept going. I have also used it in Barbel baits and it demonstrably improved the response.


Ricky your mention of Alfalfa pricked my ears too, I did some bait trials with Kelp/Alfalfa after using it in a muscle building diet, but never really concluded anything. Do you use it?

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My problem is not knowing how much fenugreek on the mix above, so I left it out before I overdo it.


The Alfalfa seeds is a new addition to me also. Not done any noticible trials with it, but its makeup is very impressive. The idee was to add someting different, but still quality.

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