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Abbey Lakes Heron

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Hello everyone, arrived home this time last week after a week fishing with my dad and 6 mates from work fishing Heron lake at the Abbey Lakes complex and i thought some of you may appreciate a session overview. 


We arrived at the complex for around 6.45 french time. With everyone arriving for around 7am. We decided to have a walk round the lake as the clubhouse would not be open for another hour. Whilst walking round the lake we managed to extract some information from some of the anglers who were packing up after their weeks fishing. Several anglers seemed to be pretty despondent after a tough weeks fishing. Id been keeping an eye on the Facebook page as well for information on captures and weather updates, there were one or two fish coming out the week before whilst peg 19 or the point swim had done most of the bites. we spoke to the bloke opposite and to the right of the point in peg 4 who had told us that he had managed a few fish. He begun to tell us about the bloke in the point having the majority of the bites, he told us that  he had been bait boating his baits out to the far margin whilst putting plenty of bait in as well, however after a barbecue with his mates on another lake he held off putting more bait in that night ( Wednesday night i believe ) and had no more fish since. With the wind picking up which had a real bite to it we made our way back to the car park. At this point we decided to do a peg draw, the lake itself was first come first serve but we were the only anglers arriving on the Saturday as the current anglers were on Thursday to Thursday. We did the draw and luckily i came out number 1. Once the peg draw had been completed we made our way into the lodge, booked in, paid ext. We then made our way to the lake. We circled the lake twice ( me and my dad ) and really weren't sure where to fish. We had made a slight error in the peg draw, we had forgot to mention we wanted to fish separate pegs so an extra number should of been put in. This meant we had to bear in mind the peg size to accommodate the two of us. We circled the lake once more and decided to have a look in peg 19. This was a huge peg, it commanded the area between the small bay to the right and the main body of the water to the left. My dad chose to fish the left of the peg pointing towards the smaller bay so i decided to fish infant of the pegs that were closed off which were 5 and 6. 

          We started to unpack the van and get our gear set up as the rest of the lads made their peg choices and started to do the same. I decided to set the Bivvy up first and then get the rest of my gear inside it as it was a fairly overcast day and didn't want to get caught out with a shower and get my stuff soaked. So the bivvy went up and i then filled it with everything else, bedchair, carryall, electrical bag with headtorches, spare batteries ext. I then changed out of my traveling clothes into something more " carpy " or even more so, waterproof. I started off by setting up a marker rod which is something i have only done a small handful of times and maybe something i should be doing more often. Heron lake and the majority of lakes at abbey lakes are notoriously weedy. The majority of the lake is covered with a 2-3inch layer of blanket weed, with this there were some serious beds of canadian pond weed. Which after bringing some back on the lead contained a manor of small creatures inside, small muscles, small fry and allot of smaller less noticeable creatures. I cast a bare lead to the treeline opposite my swim, clipped the lead at what i measured out to be 23 wraps or 92 yards. Once clipped i cast the lead 5-10 times to the clip and felt the lead down with a small but noticeable thud when hitting the bottom, i could drag the lead back around 1.5 rod lengths before hitting something much more solid which a presumed to be a bed of canadian pond weed. the spot felt clear enough to present a bait, maybe similar conditions to what i could see in the margins, 2-3 inches of blanket weed with a gravel bottom underneath. My middle rod was the first to go out which i was going to fish on this spot i had found. I clipped the rod using the marker sticks and cast a solid back onto the spot. I waited for my dissolving foam to rise to the surface before firing around 100 baits in the general area. Maybe a 15 yard square patch. During this time i hadn't seen a single fish so wasn't sure was to do with the remaining rods, i was committed to fishing the middle rod on that spot as i was convinced the fish would return at some point hoping for more bait. I decided to fish the left and right rods in a roving fashion fishing small solid bags. I used the extra small solid bags with a mixture of small 2-3mm ccmoore pellets with some mainline response pellets in as well.  After a day what seemed like several days in one we had reached evening. After speaking between our group and given the recent form we had talked about potential results for the week and we all came to the conclusion that one fish for the week would be a good result. We all got out heads down pretty early saturday night. 

          I woke sunday feeling some what refreshed, we had brought out breakfast back from the clubhouse and ate it inside our bivvys. It was a fairly dull and overcast morning with a fresh biting wind that was pushing from right to left towards the small bay. We were all communicating with each other using our mobile phones, 2 of our group were paired in peg 12 who had informed me that he had seen numerous fish showing infant of him. I felt that with the new wind pushing from right to left i was sure i could pick a fish up on the tree line spot as they patrolled their way up to the smaller bay. The rest of Sunday was pretty uneventful and remained overcast with a strong wind. I decided to watch a film or two on my tablet once it had got dark. Then around 11.30pm i got my head down and had another refreshing sleep ( not what i wanted ) i was on the phone first thing to some of the other lads and was still hearing that fish we're showing in front of peg 12, however with no real opportunity to move i felt i was going have to persevere with the swim i had chosen. Sunday was similar to Saturday weather wise, fairly chilly with a strong wind and a very dull and dingy day. Due to the numbers of tench in the lake i put another 50 baits on the far tree line spot. ( I should point out i had purchased 2kgs of mainline cell from the shop with intention to buy more as and if i needed more. My plan of attack was to fish cell boilies in 18mm with matching 15mm popups) An uneventful Sunday continued and before i knew it the sun was setting and the second day was coming to an end. Sunday night was a real cold one with my unhooking mat frosting up before midnight. I crept into the bag just after midnight and woke Monday morning.

          I got straight on the phone to the other lads to find out there was still no action  between the 8 of us. But with fish still showing around peg 12. Two of our lads on Monday decided to vacate peg 22 and move into the peg which sat in front of the main island which i think might be peg 9 or 10. Monday was slightly warmer than the previous days but with that strong wind cutting across my swim. I pottered about in my peg for the majority of Monday, i still hadn't seen a fish anywhere near my swim. Up in the clubhouse we had word from the bailiff that someone on heron around peg 15-16 had just had a brace in quick succession, landing two mirror carp at 55lb and 63lb. We returned to our pegs with a slight confidence boost. This was no where near me but word of two fish being landed just give me that little boost on what was turning out to be a tricky session. I continued to trickle another 50 baits onto my far margin spot after i returned from dinner and recast the rods with fresh baits. I sat up that night whittling sticks till the early hours of the morning before i got into bed and woke up on Tuesday morning.

          I woke up Tuesday morning to another overcast day with some light rain but slightly warmer temperatures. My dad had fetched out breakfast from the lodge as i fired up the kettle and brewed up some coffees to have with the full english. I hadn't received any information from pegs 9-10 and 12 about fish showing in that area of the lake which could of meant the fish were down on the feed or on the move. I sat around that morning making the most of the slight improvement in the weather when i saw a fish show along the treeline in front of be but around 30 yards up the bank. This was the first fish i had seen within the proximity of my peg. I thought about the rod on that spot which had been out since just after tea the previous day ( around 6.30pm ) it was now around 11.30am on the Tuesday. I didn't stop to think as i was already reeling in the middle rod to freshen up the bait and recast it to the spot. I chose to fish a stiff hinged rig that i knocked up in a couple of minutes using these components;

A size 8 micro barb korda Choddy hook

20lb korda mouth trap material

These components were used to fashion the chod section of the rig.

The boom section was formed using the kryston mantis in 25lb which i secured to the shoddy section using a figure of 8 loop knot and the same at the other end. I baited the rig with a 15mm cell popup and balanced it out with putty, testing it in the edge to ensure the rig falls slowly but doesn't sit bolt upright in the weed, this is why i used the krypton mantis for the boom as it had some form of suppleness to it. Once i was happy with the rig i put around 4-5 pieces of the solar foam into some pva mesh and tied up a small bag of nuggets. I had done this as i found when using a 3oz lead the foam is torn from the hook as soon as it hits the water. The rig was now set. I wrapped my rod to 23 wraps and clipped the line to this mark. I clipped on my rig and cast the rig out. After feeling the lead down, sinking the line and putting the rod onto the rest i looked out for the foam, It rose to the surface a short while after, i used this a marker to scatter around 10-15 baits around this, as i was fairly confident the majority of my bait was still there. I sat back in my chair feeling surprisingly confident about the chance of a bite even tho the recent for between our group was a total of 0 bites and 0 fish. At around 1pm my receiver let out a few bleeps, i looked towards the rods and saw the bobbin on the middle rod was slowly rising, i picked up the rod and bent into a fish, given the recent form i had not prepared my waders or clothes for the event of a fish so i soon found myself in the margins in my boots and joggers. I felt the water flood into my skee tex boots, i wasn't going to risk the chance of my only fish of the week for a wet pair of socks and pants. The fish came in with relative ease and fortunately did not decide to give me a tour of the local weedbeds, the fish came in fairly close and due to the superb water clarity i could see the fish, i edged it closer to me and slipped the net underneath it. 1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 First bite first fish on the bank. I bit my line, broke the net down and slid the net and fish into my retention sling and got my camera and scales ready. Whilst out of the water i grabbed a handful of bait and fired another 50 baits onto the area, if the fish had moved it i wanted to keep them there for as long as possible to get the maximum amount of bites. I climbed back into the water and brought the sling onto the bank and put it in the unhooking mat. After unhooking the fish, i weighed it which turned out to be a 27.4oz






I returned the fish feeling a great relief as i had landed the first fish of the trip which put the scores to 1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0. After putting the fish back i tied up another stiff hinge rig with the same bait combination. Again i placed 4-5 nuggets into some pva mesh and tied this into a bag. I  made sure to bury the hook point into the bag and the foam for the cast. I re wrapped my rod to 23 wraps, re wetted my lead clip, clipped on a new 3oz lead as the previous one had been dumped and cast the rig back into the tree line area. Firing another 10-15 baits around the piece of foam once it had reached the surface. After changing my soaked, boots, socks, boxers, joggers and base layers i got on the phone to let the lads know that i had landed the first fish. They were made up and boosted by the capture in the same way i had been when the 55 and the 63 had been caught. 

          A few hours later came the next bite from the middle rod fished to the tree line. I was fishing with the reels with a fairly tight clutch, enough to keep the rod on the rests but taking some effort to take line, this meant the take i received was fairly slow with the bobbin moving slowly up to the alarm. I struck into the rod and felt the fish kick and start to kite to the right, this was a fairly hectic fight as this fish gave me a run around the various weedbeds, not causing to much problem i got it within sight where i saw a fish that was larger than the first. The fish calmed down towards the net allowing me to net it with no problems, and net it dry as i had donned my waders. I bit the line again, dropped the net and fish into the sling and zipped them up. I now decided to fish two rods. I had removed my left hand rod which was on a single stick to the left. my plan was to fish two rods and keep one rod clipped at 23 wraps ready with fresh rigs and bait hanging up in the bivvy, this allowed me to net my fish and immediately get another rig into the area to maximise the amount of bites as i wasn't sure how long it would continue. The left hand rod was now cast back onto the middle rod spot and around 50 baits put around the nugget of foam once it had risen to the surface. I picked the fish up with the sling checking the fins were sitting flush before lifting, after unhooking treating and doing a few pictures we weighed the fish, it was a cracking angry mirror that weighedAbbey%20Lakes%2034.4oz%20._zpspov7zner.j



The score was now 2-0-0-0-0-0-0-0. Buzzing! In the back of my mind i was thinking that i should make the most of this as it won't continue for long. I slipped the fish back and got onto the phone to the lads to let them know that id landed number 2. ( no gloating or anything honest ) After all of this it was getting fairly close to reeling the rods in and going for tea, due to my current success my dad offered to collect the food and bring it back to me to prevent reeling my rods in, also too watch his as he and the other 6 lads hadn't had a sniff so far. I thought this was a cracking gesture ( cheers dad ) At exactly 5pm which is dinner time the bobbin on the middle rod rose up and i struck into the 3rd fish of the session, however this fish immediately kited right and as i tried to gain what i could of the 90 plus yards of line connecting me to the fish it sat itself in a huge bed of canadian pond weed. STUCK! I sat the rod on the rest, clipped on the bobbin and let the bailiff know that i had a fish weeded up and may need the boat. We were going to give it atlas an hour before this. After around 30mins i picked up the rod to try to tease the fish out from another angle, i could feel the weed grating up the mainline which during this session was the gardner gr60x. After a kick the fish pulled free and i was back into full contact with it. However after another few nervy minutes the fish was off. After reeling in i was hugely relieved that the fish hadn't been left with my rig in its mouth. I picked up my spare rod that was already clipped to the area, clipped on a new rig and cast the rig out to the spot. Again i fired around 50 baits around the foam, i was going to continue this now as it had produced 3 bites. Shortly after my dad came back with a fat burger and chips. I told him about the fish that i had lost and we sat in front of my bivvy munching our food down and having a chat. Shortly after we had finished tea the middle rod was away again. I picked the rod up and took myself, rod and net into the water, with the lost fish on the back of my mind i gave the fish some side strain to the right in hope it would putt left, it did, this allowed me to play the fish a bit more gingerly, the fish came in with relative ease, there were some strands of the canadian weed around the fishes head as i netted it but nothing to concern me. I packed the net and the fish away in the sling and fired the spare rod onto the area and applied the same 50 baits to the foam that had risen. The wind had picked up slightly during this point and the crosswind was causing me some problems so i had switched to 4oz leads instead of 3, i was winding the line tight to the lead, setting by clutch tight and fishing a heavy bobbin with a 3-4 inch drop. After this i climbed back into the lake to collect my prize, it turned out to the the first common of the trip for me and it weighed in at Abbey%20Lakes%2037.2oz%20._zpsjyajkzlj.j


37.2oz. The scores were now 3-0-0-0-0-0-0-0!!! Buzzing. I slipped her back, set my net and sling back up in the hope i could manage another bite. It was now around 7.30 and i had made the standard to the boys to let them know i had landed another. I settled in for the evening feeling confident but expecting the fish to eventually continue on their travels to another spot on the lake. At 7.50pm only half an hour or so after having that 37.2oz common the middle rod was away again. This fish came in with relative ease and was netted in around 10 minutes. I popped the fish into the retaining sling and re cars my spare rod to the spot and put some more bait in the area. We lifted the fish out of the water, unhooked and weighed it. It turned out to be a cracking common that went 26.12ozAbbey%20Lakes%2026.12oz%20._zpsswfppshn.


Tuesday night started out fairly clear and the temperature dropped try quickly after sunset, frosting the unhooking mat and bivvy within a few hours. I was woken abruptly that night at around 12.30 as another run had come from the middle rod, i stumbled into my waders, picked up the rod and got into the water. Due to the total darkness surrounding me i could not see where my line entered the water and i struggled to work out where the fish was, it happened to find the weedbed to the right again, this time it took me for a quick stroll through it and it popped back out, however this short trip to the weedbed had done some damage to my hook hold and the fish was off shortly after. I reeled the rig back in and decided to up my hook size from the size 8 i was using. Im super confident with the size 8 korda hooks landing fish to 49.10lb my french pb at other venues but fishing in this much weed was totally new to me so i upped my hook size to a size 4 micro barb kaptor choddy hook. So i found my self sitting up at 1.30am tying 4 new stiff hinged rigs with the new hook size. This did have a slight effect on balancing out the rigs so i tested and checked the rigs in the margin before drying them off and fitting them with the pva mesh foam nugget bags. I clipped one to the spare rod, lined it up with my far bank marker and cast it out. As id been using a led lenser head torch for all my night fishing id bumped the power to full and focused the beam to allow me to watch for the foam, it popped up as it had done previously. I started to fire out my usual amount of boilies which id been soaking in the mainline cell stick mix liquid and some salt mixed with lake water. After id applied the bait i wrapped my spare rod up to 23 wraps and stood it by the bivvy, hopefully waiting ready for the next bite. I got back into the sleeping bag and dropped off to sleep shortly after.

          I woke up Wednesday morning feeling not so refreshed due to the broken sleep i had had the night before. I opened the bivvy which revealed a beautiful fresh sunny morning. It was around 7am when i got up. I contacted some of the other lads to see if anything materialised for them and mentioned to them about the fish i had lost the previous night. I woke my dad up with a fresh coffee. At around 7.20am the middle rod which id recast last night at around 1.30am ripped off, i shot down to the rods, struck and made my way into the water again. This turned out to be a fairly obstacle free journey as i could now see where my line entered the water, allowing me to steer the fish from the huge weedbed to the right. Due to the morning sunshine the fish was visible much further out into the lake than the others, the sun glinted of the scales to reveal another cracking common making its way to my landing net, i scooped up this fish and landed my 4th of the trip. The fish and net were zipped into the sling like normal and i clipped a fresh rig donning the size 4 hook onto the lead clip, i wet the clip again and clipped on a 3oz lead. The rig hit the area perfectly aided by a clear still morning, i waited for the foam to rise before firing out another pouch full of bait. ( i must point out my dad had picked up another 2kgs of cell for me the night before ). I set the rod down on the rest and lifted fish number 4 out of the water. I folded the net back to reveal a stunning common carp made more stunning as the morning sun really emphasised the quality of this fish, i unhooked the fish and we then did some pictures. We then weighed the fish, it tipped the scales at 39.12oz, My biggest of the trip so far. And my pick of the bunch so far.Abbey%20Lakes%2039.12oz%20..%20._zpshaxw


39.12oz What a cracker. The score was now 4-0-0-0-0-0-0-0. 

Again my dad went to fetch the breakfasts as i fired up the stove and brewed up a coffee each. We sat outside the bivvys and enjoyed our breakfast whilst we made the most of this weather as rain was forecast after today. After breakfast i tied up another spare rig and hung it up in the bivvy, primed and ready. I started to flick through one of my books that id taken with me on this session. At around 11.15am the middle rod shot off again, i stuck into this fish and made my way into the water, i managed to gain some good yardage on this before it managed to find the huge weedbed to the right. However i managed to tease this fish with gentle steady pressure slowly walking up to the bank, reeling the slack and walking back again, the rods i used for this session were the free spirit xs'ives in 3.5tc, these rods performed admirably, allowing me to put plenty of power into bringing the fish back but allowing me to enjoy the fight as these are fairly soft and have a fairly through action. The fish was eventually clear of the bed and was around 35 yards from me, it was on the surface and its head was completely covered with some huge strands of canadian weed. The fish made its way to me where i scooped it up and placed him into the sling. I picked up the spare rod, clipped a fresh rig and cast it to the spot. Applying another pouch full of bait in the throwing stick. I lifted the fish up into the unhooking mat, unhooked it and with help from my dad who's camera finger was starting to ache at this point started to take some pictures. We then weighed the fish and it turned out to be the biggest of the session so far. A beautiful mirror carp that weighed Abbey%20Lakes%2043.10oz%20.%20copy_zpsvs


43.10oz. Biggest and prettiest of the session so far. The score was now 5-0-0-0-0-0-0-0. Id let the other lads know about fish number 5 being caught. This was a cracker. This would be the final fish for Wednesday as id lost another fish to the weedbed to the right and lost a fish on the take. I went into Wednesday night buzzing and looking back at the fish id caught so far. It was still on my mind when would the fish move out back into the main body of the lake, or continue on their journey into the small bay to the left. I settled in for the night at around 11.30pm, it was another crystal clear night which meant frosty mats and bivvys. I was woken at 1.30am to a take on the middle rod. I jumped in the waders lifted into the fish and threw the net into the margin. From what i could feel the fish kited to the right again towards the large bed of canadian weed, looking over i could see 2 of our group members with head torches out and one with a rod in hand. I focused on playing my fish as it powered its way into this weedbed, i managed to play the fish through the weed using constant pressure, i could feel the line grating through the weed causing the rod to almost bounce its way through, this was the first time id used the gr60x line and so far it was giving a good account of itself. I finally played the fish free and soon it became visible under my head torch which id dimmed right down and opened to a full wide angle beam with the hope it wouldn't spook the fish but give me enough visibility to net it. I slipped the net under and netted fish number 6. I peered into the net a saw a fish that looked much bigger than the previous 5, even fish number 5 looked quite a bit smaller. I thought this might be due to the conditions, head torch and darkness. Anyways we singed the fish up and i re cast the spare rod putting out some more bait to the area that had done every bite so far. I then lifted the fish out of the net and up to the mat, this felt much heavier than the previous fish, i dismissed this due to feeling weak after being ripped from my bag at 1.30am. We removed the rig and the net from the sling and i lifted the scales to weigh the fish. I struggled to weigh the fish as the scales bounced around the 57-58mark. Fish over 50lb have to be photographed by the bailiff at abbey. We returned the fish to the water in the sling. I waded out to make sure the margin was a suitable depth and secured the retaining cord to a bankstick that had been hammered into the ground to prevent it moving. I got back into the sleeping bag at around 2.am. I became increasingly doubtful and thought id misread the scales and it was around 47-48lb with the sling. I didn't drop back to sleep till around 3am. After this i woke at around 6.30am as i was eager to get hold of the bailiff to let him know i have a possible 50+ in the sling. Id let him know also i required the weighing tripod ( Got one on order now ). He was round for around 7am where we unearthed the carp from the sling, having recuperated during the night the fish was now full of energy and started to beat me to bits. The tripod was setup and the scaled set to 0 as we would weigh the sling again after. I lifted the fish out in the sling and walked over to the tripod. The scaled dropped to exactly 57lb, knowing the trakker slings weigh about 4lb 8oz when wet it was a new personal best mirror carp for me, BUZZING!!!!!! DSC_0882_zpsdigesect.jpg


We did some water shots with the mist rising in the background. What a morning and what a fish. The slings were weighed and confirmed at 4lb 8oz  which left me with a new pb at 52lb 8oz!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely buzzing. I returned the fish and watched it motor off through the clear water. After handshakes all around i sat back for a few moments to take in what had happened. The score was not 6-0-0-0-0-0-0-0! As it turns out the lads i saw that night had lost their fish. The mist around me cleared to reveal a calm Thursday morning. This didn't last for long as the cloud rolled in and we were plunged into another dull overcast day. After breakfast i decided to have a lie down on the bed chair and watch a film on the tablet. At 12.05pm the bobbin on the middle rod pulled tight, i reached the rod and struck into fish number 7, after a fairly uneventful and welcome battle i was soon sliding the net under a pretty mirror. I tucked this fish away in the sling and got the spare rod back out to the area that i was fishing, again i fired in some more bait using the throwing stick. I lifted the fish onto the bank and started to unhook the fish, i must point out that every fish i had landed had been hooked nicely in the bottom lip, hook holds improving after stepping up the hook size. We took some pictures of the fish and then weighed her, the scales dropped to 38.00lb on the nose.Abbey%20Lakes%2038.00oz_zpsleuj7flf.jpg


After returning this fish, setting up the net and sling once more it was only 15-20 minutes before the rod was away again. This time the fight lasted no more than 5 minutes as i gently teased the fish to the margins where i landed it. The spare rod was cast out again and bait was applied to an area around the foam. I went back to the sling and lifted the fish out to unhook it, this was no doubt the smallest of the trip but a real character none the less. We weighed the fish and it went 20.00lb on the nose. A strange looking fish but a cracker all the same.



I think this is what happens when a 20lb carp swims into a 50+ unit. After slipping her back the cloud thickened and i was forced into the bivvy by a huge shower of driving rain sleet and snow. There was no real break in the weather until tea time, i left my rods in the hands of my dad and went to fetch the teas. I returned them just as a huge rain cloud moved over as we scrambled into the bivvy to eat our kebab. The rain cleared for around 8pm and the clouds rolled leaving a clear sky. At 8.10pm came my final fish of the trip. The rod ripped off and kited right immediately, i picked up the rod and started to put as much righthand strain as i could to steer the fish clear. This did the trick and the fish came clear and into open water. This fish gave a good account of himself giving me a real scrap infront of the net, after around 10 minutes the fish was safely into the landing net, it was then slipped into the sling as i recast my spare rod and baited up. I lifted the fish from the sling and into the unhooking mat. I unhooked the fish and treated it. We did some pictures and then weighed the fish at Abbey%20Lakes%2031.8oz._zpslguydcvr.jpg


31lb 8oz.  Another stunning fish in cracking condition, every fish caught had been in superb condition. I slipped the fish back not knowing it was my last of the trip. The score was 8-0-0-0-0-0-0-0.!!!!!!!!!!! I set my other rod up to 23 wraps and had 3 rigs tied and ready. I watched a film before going to bed around 11.30. Friday was a fairly uneventful day as i had no action throughout the day. A bloke moved into peg 8 which was opposite and to the right of me. This possible caused my bites to drop off. I think the fish could of been congregating around the huge weedbed to the right which is visible from google earth, the fish could of been breaking off into small groups and patrolling the margins where i was picking them up from. However a truly great session. 6 of our group decided to pay for early tunnels and ferries and left on the friday with pretty despondent heads. A pair of our group in peg 12 managed to land one on the friday to mid 30. Me and my dad packed down most of our gear friday before we witnessed a huge thunderstorm. Not what we wanted as we would of preferred a dry bivvy to pack down in the morning.  

I managed to get some footage of the storm and a shot of the lightning which strangely was right above the treeline marker i was fishing to. As you can see in this picture the 3rd rod is stood up and primed ready for a re cast. I caught a tench friday night at around 3am which was around 6-7lb, i did not weigh this fish. After this we woke at 5am and packed down the rest of our gear. We set off home after having contrasting sessions. A cracking session on a tough week. Hopefully i haven't bored anyone to death. Im no writer so I'm not sure how well put together this is going to be so bear with me :) This will be my first real session review so any pointers for next time/things to include would be appreciated. Many thanks. Danny!

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