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Benn Interesting year so far . ...


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Having moved house late last fall this year i have been fishing a new River in a busy built up area which is something new for me ( and its been interesting )

i set my self a target of a fish over 20 lbs which was achieved with my very first Fish !! .


My New river Campaign started in Late March early April though not actually fishing it, just me and the dog went for lots of walks with pockets full of bait .


Then one Sunday Morning took along my trusty 9ft Rod and 3 oz cage feeder of bread , ground maze, chickpea on a running Rig to Two bits of Maze and one plastic Maze hair rigged to size 8 hook 12 pound line, and after about just half hour i was in to a fish . 20 pounder on the Bank Result ! Couple Days later i also went on to land another fish which was nearer to 30 than 25 , . ( silly me forgot my scales ) Sadly there the only two fish i had from that spot ( oh and a PB channel Cat ) the park were i was fishing is a big ole busy place and has now become to Busy for me . So something i have learned the park is a early season fishing spot . its a big ole park ( 4 baseball diamonds )

which can have up to 100 people on each one at times . There are Also a lot of Worm Danglers with no Angling Manners what so ever also fish the Park .


I Decided to not to fish the spot anymore because i was basically bullied out of a the swim by three Moroccans( casting over my line etc etc and then one of them came stood right next to me and cast his rod ," you no Mind mind i fish here eh my friend " he said i replied....


"Well ent your friend and you can foxtrot right off out my face Mate" but anyway to heck with 'em i don't need it ,so packed up haven't been back since shame ) : all i want to do is catch few fish take a few photos go home don't need that kind of hassle on the bank .



So i have now found another spot down Stream from the Busy park and over a few session ( a good few Blanks) I Landed another a few Nice fish which Included a lovely Mirror

the weather this Spring has been all over the place starting really warm then a lot of rain !! ( Highest i have seen any water around here ) then all of a sudden back to winter temp and Snow.


So not netted many fish so far this year but the ones i have all been really nice fish . so it's been interesting. Its Now Turned really Hot ..



Saturday i am going back to my old stomping ground for some nice peaceful fishing and maybe a Gurt Lump .. or two .



Cheers an ex pat in Ontario ( :



oh photos photos .. ha






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