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Sorry, it's a week 'ish since it started but so far there have been some very interesting results.


Of course, England vs Russia, 1 goal was never going to be enough, although you would have thought that after one half you would have noticed Rahim Sterling was a bit below par.

I do not know why he started against Wales at all, especially when you have Kane and Vardy together, and with Sturridge as back up, but the two super subs made up for it, with yes possibly, Rooney as England's best player of the two games, even if I would have played him further forward.


Portugal vs Iceland, WOW, a two bit nation, with smallest population outplayed and out defended Portugal and kept Ronaldo under wraps all day.


Germany vs Ukraine, 2 goals to be honest flattered the Germans, but Schweinsteiger in the last, what a finish.

Poland vs Northern Ireland, one mistake one goal, but Northern Ireland made up for that and definitely out set pieced Ukraine today, and that second goal in the last minute.


Of course I have missed out the Italians, French and Spanish and their 'easy' results, but I have a sneaky feeling that England may go all the way, only to lose to one of them.

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