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Spod mix

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Hi All,

I am in need of a little advice and some reassurance.

I have decided to take a step into making my own spod mix after reading many articles and how to I have decided to jump in and do it.

I understand that by boiling my mix will release sugar and start a fermentation but who long does it last?

Is it normal for my mix to fizzing and also smell a bit funky?

Hope so one can help.

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Why do you consider a spod mix is always wet?


You can easily spod (or spomb) out a mix of dry pellets, groundbait and Boilies just as effectively :wink:


In fact prepared particles can easily be added to groundbait, especially Vitalin, and thrown, catapulted, spodded or spombed out.


Probably the easiest particles to prepare is known Pigeon Conditioning Mix, pour boiling water over it 12 hours before you use it, seal bucket or coolbox lid, job done.

A 12.75kg bag of Pigeon Conditioner is around £12, so it is easily cheap enough.


Going through some other points on this thread, Rod Hutchinson recommended rotting Maples as a bait, or even bait ingredient, from memory down to the enzymes, easy to reread The Carp Strikes Back, it is in one of the bait chapters.


I wouldn't add salt to particles, personal view, salt is not a good ingredient to be putting into any bait, boilie, particle mix or groundbait, it stops protein use for growth, and slows blood flow down, there is plenty enough salt in the ingredients already without any addition. (There are various threads on salt in baits, and may be worth a read under the search).


You can mix cook particles together, but you have to go with the cooking time for the longest particle ingredient, so hemp I can get split in a 10-15min boil, whereas maize I usually go 20-30 mins, so I would do them separately.

It works better if the particles all have a similar cooking time.


Leaving particles for a few days, they do bubble, yes it is fermentation, natural yeasts and sugars, leave them long enough you would have a lovely alcoholic drink, no need for added yeast as many fruits and seeds have yeasts.

The bubbling is actually the yeast in action as they produce carbon dioxide.

Some anglers prefer fresh particles, others slightly stale older mixes.

What you define as funky may simply be slightly older particles that are not as fresh as out of boiling.

Personally I prefer particles as fresh as I can get them, the only slightly off particle I ever really got to work for me was hemp. It turns slightly sticky, almost jelly like, and on one water I could not go wrong with it in that state.


It is this reason I use a lot of Pigeon Conditioner when I'm fishing, with pellets and boilies added just before I put them in the water. I can prepare it the night before use on a long session. When I fished Ardleigh, I was doing my particles then adding Vitalin to them for straight balling in.

Occasionally I caught carp over them, although that mix did produce a lot of bream!

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