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Trying to get back at it

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Aup just thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Martin course fished for as long as I can remember but fell off for last few years..

Getting my old gear out and cleaning it all up and seeing what I need and what's changed is crazy but is deffo fun!


I want to say that I was a carp fisherman a few years ago but looking back at me there with my cheap carp rod, method feeder and basic hair rig I really dunno how I managed not to blank! But had a few out biggest probably being 10lb at most.

But trying to get back in to it and getting some basic things together for now till I get my head back into it!


Thinking simple, I'm going for blow back rig for bottom bait, KD rig for pop ups and simple hair rig for surface fishing.


Sorry for going on but will be using that search bar every 2 mins to answer a load of questions that's floating round in my head. Can't wait to get at em!!!

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hey martin, welcome to the forum bud.

just keep doing what you are doing and the fish will come :wink:

dont be afraid to ask questions, sometimes you will get the answer you need and sometimes your question will spark off a debate (difference of opinion/argument/WAR) but if its the latter just read and laff like the rest of us :lol:

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Try the new manilla range from sticky baits. Amazon do quite a good deal. I've used the 16mm boilies dipped in the manilla glug. Small PVA bag full of manilla 4mm pellets. Pulled out 7 carp from 13 to 15.4lb. [emoji3] Spicy crab boilies are good too. Floater cake and dog biscuits are great for surface fishing [emoji106]


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Sorry for late reply guys been busy.. Just got my new reels today ready for when I get out there and find them carp.


Been watching a few nash videos on youtube to try give me a few points on where to start, with it being a fresh new lake I'm going to be hitting and with me so out of the swing of things. So first main thing I keep hearing is ask around see if I can get any pointers on where to start.


So here it is, I'm going to be fishing alderfen lakes and will be fishing the pads lake as this is supposed to be better for a run(or should I say easy for a novice like me) anyone that has fished it and could give a bit of advice where to fish would be appreciated! Was going to set up there then go for a stalking sesh through out the day

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