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Carp Fishing in and around Sydney

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Can anyone help??


I have only been in Australia for 6 months, and have had to go back to the UK and France for some carp fishing already as everyone I meet says it is a non starter here.. 


I am going to be here in Australia indefinitely now, and am concerned that I will either have to go back to France every year or give up totally (which isn't an option!)


Does anyone know if carp fishing with normal catch and release exists anywhere here??





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hi simon, i wouldnt worry too much about the fishing in oz as they intend to totally eradicate every invasive species (introduced or otherwise) by the year 2020. i wonder if they realize that the white man is also an invasive species?

there is quite a bit on here about C&R in oz, you just have to look for it.

welcome to the forum btw :wink:

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