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Carp fishing in Brisbane, Australia

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Hi everyone, I'm an ex pom (25 years in Oz), getting back to my passion for carp fishing from my youth.  Getting back in practise here in Melbourne at the moment, fishing places such as the Murray river (Yarrawonga) Lake Elidon, etc, but going to be moving back to Brisbane at the end of the year.  Anyone in Brisbane interested in some serious carping later in the year.  Would love to meet like minded individuals who would like to crack the Australian carp record, share ideas on how to adapt UK techniques to meet our very different conditions, etc; personal best in Aus at the moment just on 13 Kg, so a way to go!  I am NOT your average Aussie carp hater (I subscribe to the view that carp are abundant here in Australia because we have mucked up the environmental conditions of our rivers so much that only carp now thrive...I suspect that will give me a few hate emails from those who can only echo the bogan viewpoint! that carp are somehow the spawn of the devil and responsible for all ills including the last global recession etc)!  OK looking forward to a good discussion and hopefully connect with some like-minded folks and see if there is scope for a Brisbane carp group. 

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