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Nash h gun dwarf mk2 carp rods?

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Has anyone here used one before? I'm thinking of getting a pair of 9ft 2.75lb t/c for the river. At the moment you can get them on eBay for about £40 each. Are they worth the money? Any info would be great thanks

I have 2 of these. I only use them whilst travelling. For 2.75lb rods, and compared to my Greys Prodigy plus 2.75lb rods, they feel like broomsticks. I've not any significant fish on them yet and probably never will.


What I like about them is that they can sit across my boot made up ready to go without any seats down or having to go diagonally. Makes getting them into the car when going camping etc. a much easier sell to the mrs. :)

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There will be some 9 foot 3 piece stalking rods around. I think greys do one and maybe wychwood?


If you're looking for a bag for them as well, Im sure Cotswold Aquarius will do one.


I think they produce the bag for the Dymag mobile system, it has a decent strap, space for three rods, landing net pocket and pocket for bank sticks/alarms etc.


I use this with mine and quite often use the central zipped pocket meant for a third rod for a rig wallet and the minimum of gear I need to do a few hours fishing.


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