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Coated braid that you can crimp??

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I know the Hybrid stiff coated braid in 20lb will take a krimp, not sure about softer versions though . But the small krimp on this stuff works a treat.

Been making up some pop up rigs for my session next week . I test my rigs to destruction before they get cast anywhere & I'm more than happy it's up to the job .


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Dunno mate. I don't think I'd risk it. All I know is that if you believe a certain bespectacled gent currently prominent in the karp tackle world, stiff coated and stiff mono materials will take a crimp with no loss of strength, but soft materials won't. Reason for my post is I'd really like a soft material for the boom section of a rig I'm working on, but the rig would lend itself well to a crimp. Wondered if anyone knew of any softer materials that you can crimp. Not a worry though. I think I've worked a way around it now.

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Me neither but the coating is designed to break whether it is stiff or soft so was just thinking if it will actually work.

I'm more than happy it's very strong mate & considering I'm always the one on here that picks up new products for a look at , after people recommended them on here & snap them between rig pullers & report back there pants , I can honestly say it's a very strong join :wink:
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