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On 28/07/2020 at 01:29, finchey said:

I would just like to thank everybody for their well wishes for our poorly dog flint.👍


On 26/07/2020 at 14:13, bluelabel said:

A day session on The Mill, in Chelmsford with a couple of old work buddies... 11 anglers on the water... 1 fish all day...( not mine) a hard day all round... nice water though 👌 


Well if you will use carbons , Blue , what do you expect .


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One of the most stunning places where I fished this year!

Not a bad sunrise this morning. Just a shame the bobbins are motionless.  

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13 hours ago, elmoputney said:


Proper margin fishing today by distance rod is 3 Rod lengths 🙄

I did see a very big common in the pads earlier and a few other nice ones, I did have to rake though so hopefully they will be back 

What's your views on raking  I've done it an had a good day then done it elsewhere an blanked???

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1 hour ago, Carpmaster said:

What's your views on raking  I've done it an had a good day then done it elsewhere an blanked???

It hasn't helped so far 😁

I think it's probably going to be a more long term benefit maybe, I might get out my waders in a bit before I leave and clear a bit more, I think then you really need to bait them to get the pests to clear them, also so you freshen up the silt and clean the bottom, 

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5 hours ago, Carpmaster said:

Got you elmo,   I've not done it where I'm fishing at the moment tho it needs it   I'm hoping in the foreseeable theres going to be access to a boat but with all this covid bs still waiting to be allowed   but something to think of for the future   thank you elmo

Just so you know this covid thing isn't bs, I lost my dad to it, it's well worth staying safe because it will take a lot more lives if we don't 😒

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3 hours ago, elmoputney said:

Thanks i just worry that people don't take it seriously anymore, especially if it hasn't affected them directly, 

I dont think it's that elmo look how much the government have lied about it I know someone who passed away it said on the cert covid but they had terminal cancer and wasnt able to get their treatment??  Members of my family had it xmas I was with them all I didnt get it and am not a carrier my misses has no immune system she surely would have contacted it from me if I was   my mind is allways open 

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