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Rod Shots

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2 hours ago, elmoputney said:

Yeah I'm the same they always seem to be bubbling in the area round my rods when I have to pack up, I don't blank I just run out of time 😁

I'm just trying to learn how to make the overnighters count, it's still better than not going though, 👍

Lovely shot emmcee well done , I've tried to get those shots before virtually impossible 👍👍👍

It was showing every 5 or 10mins so I just sat there with phone in hand with camera at the ready.  

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4 hours ago, yonny said:

You'll need to go for a long time yet for them to visit the spot every day buddy. At least a month before you influence their routine imo.

I think I've influenced the bream already flicked some out and within minutes they were all over it 😬

If they are clearing I am cheering for now though 😁

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Woke up at 3am this morning (at home) to go the toilet, Mrs got up too, I says what we doing today? Go Fishing if you want, car was loaded for 4.30am.

Come to a lake I have never fished... Its called 3 Sisters, it has a race track at the side of it. Its more or less a park lake / nature reserve lake... Nice fish in it also. 


Also the fella that had the lease (same fella as Orrell Water Park) has lost the lease to this place as was caught trying to take fish out and put inti Orrell. 

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38 minutes ago, crusian said:

Ooh I like that " glass half full " attitude ! .


There isn't a lot of point going if you aren't positive about it, I was gutted to leave earlier it felt good for a bite but the kids had had enough, I think I may  have accidently hit a rolling carp with a catapulted boilie 😕 

Going to smash em next time though 👍😁

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2 hours ago, Carpmaster said:

I started another water yesterday it’s hard but a nice place old carp in there not big but old 




Some really nice guys on there too and the plus side if I keep 7 day tickets I get the first yr free now that is a bargain they’ve got 4 waters plus 2 stretches on the river wye so it will be good to get a barbel or two along the way hopefully 

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